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More than a week ago, the already on life support Equity Poker Network (EPN) and its flagship site, Full Flush Poker, went offline. They have yet to return. In the meantime, the network’s players as, has happened too many times in the history of online poker, are left holding the bag. Nothing is official, but it certainly looks like the Equity Poker Network has gone kaput.

Currently, visitors to Full Flush Poker are hit with the following message:

“We are in the process of updating our gaming solutions to offer a new, more exciting platform to meet the needs of our players and an ever changing industry. We will have updates on this change each day for you, and we apologize for any inconveniences we have caused during this period.”

Contrary to what that says, though, updates have not been given each day. It is also highly unlikely that the issue is an update of the network’s “gaming solutions.” Poker sites and networks don’t normally go offline for days and weeks when they change software. At worst, there is maybe an hour of downtime.

"Nothing is official, but it certainly looks as equity network went kaput."
it is certainly bad news for those people who play in this network ... but for me it is absolutely not care ... I have never played in this network and therefore, I do not regret what ... a much bigger blow I received when FullTilt prikratite their work (few years ago) and it would be better of course was that PokerStars would not bend them for yourself)

Another one bites the dust. Those tiny networks just have to small a player base to survive long time. Some linger around a surprisingly long time, but even the greatest determination can`t beat the math.

looks like the equity poker network lost all of it's equity. well considering that their flagship site was called full flush poker, one might say that they have been totally flushed away. if we combine the above mentioned ultimately they have lost all of their equity by being totally flushed away.

Its always tragic to read about these sites being closed down and i dont think it will be the last one to do so. I just hope that any players, with money in their accounts, do not lose any of their bankroll due to this

@ hazeform

hey there dude, I was wondering if you still have some credits left over there? or maybe you know someone who has his money still on that site. what happens to those people? do they get their money back? Did you like the software? Do you believe if they are coming back?

Luckily I never subscribed to that site, hopefully everyone gets their bankroll back.

Good luck at the other software then Blink

So another David was slain by another Goliath? ^^

I think this is gonna keep happening. These little rooms with little to no advertisement and players will all eventually close because pokerstars is trying to have the monopoly on the online poker industry. I hope they will not get it because that would probably mean that governements would have to make more laws about it... Which is bad for us!

I havent heard of this network before. Neither that site full flush.
From a short search over the net though, the first thing i found is many complaining and saying
that full flush poker is a scan site. Also they are licensed in costa rica. That says more too Smile

I imagine that a huge number of existing Equity Poker Network (EPN) account holders fear that their balances might be AWOL.
Phew, I almost created an account with Full Flush Poker, the flagship site of the EPN, a few years ago. Their fees on financial transactions were outrageous, which was a major disincentive for me to open an account with them.

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