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Yesterday I decided to try to play in this tournament ... points I have accumulated over my game earlier in the week ... and even though I could not win this tournament, I believe that successfully played in it ... it was a bit disappointing to lose in the end, but by analyzing - I blame myself
Outcome: fifth place prize - $ 56.50

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pajalnick my friend a great job you're done, why you disappointed, you got an excellent sum of money, of course we all want to win a tournament to take the biggest prize, I think you have to be satisfied with your performance Smile Congratulations buddy you had a great performance in the tournament Smile

I guess that the 556 there is the number of participants, so finishing fifth is a very good position.
The prize money you also is very good.
So i think that you can say these were points well spent Smile and only from a week's play.
Better luck next game.

Congratulation, pajalnick! Very well done!
We are aware how hard you have been working on enhancing your skills in the game of poker. You are a good example of how commitment and hard work get results.

This was a fantastic effort and a great return on your investment. To cash in one of these tournaments is extremely difficult but, to get to a final table and finish fifth, is an achievement that you can be proud of

thank you very much to everyone who congratulated me and praised my achievement .. but I know that my game can be better ... it affects a lot of factors .. both external and internal ... the most important thing I miss is a stable game. .. sometimes I roll into the tilt .. I understand it but I can not stop Aww crap!

congratulations to you pajalnick,very good prize for you from big number of players!dont regret if you played good,you didnt get any good hand on final table and blinds eated you!if you didnt made mistake,you are on good way!

wondering whether it is possible to disable some casinos in PP? I win this quietly at a small rate played sitngo and eventually rose to $ 85 .. and then why I decided to play blackjack ... and again .... in my account $ 50 ... well that stopped the game in a casino, but it would have lost everything

You might want to play live dealer blackjack, instead of a computerized one. I have probably wagered more than $500,000 (maybe close to $1 million) in my lifetime on live blackjack (both online and brick and mortar casinos) and have been doing just fine. I can assure you that a machine blackjack gives absolutely zero edge to players in the long run.

In this I agree with you ... if you play long enough blackjack then end all sad, but a few games to play and you can win a little ... in this case the most important time to say to yourself "stop" and stop playing blackjack but .. it is best to lobby PP in general would not be a casino that does not tempt easy money

Gratz for this nice winning Thumbs Up And a fith place in a tournament with over 500 participants was really good. And it was a nice Chance to get nice extra bucks to build a solid bankroll. Gl for your next loyalty tournaments at PartyPoker.

In some sites you can disable manually the casino links.
If you cant do that ask from the support to block you from playing casino games.
They are obligated to do so.
But i dont know if theta can be done in some games and not in all casino games..
But it worth the try.

this week will again this freeroll .. Points allow me to play it ... I try to make another attempt to win something in this freeroll ... suddenly and this week I was again able to show a good result? ok I will soon know about it

Congratulations Pajalnick! That is a really nice return on investment!

I have played this tournament like 5-6 times and only managed to minimum cash once and that was when I late registered towards the end of the late registration period. I'm generally very unlucky in this tournament for some reason I always managed to get coolered!

Win it next time! Smile

Today again I'll try your hand at this freeroll .. of course I understand that maybe I did not get to show a similar result, but suddenly ... I will at least get to the number of players who will receive the prize money .. I know who it is soon

Since you have the points and you did good last time, of course you have to play
this tournament again Smile
Even a lower paid position will be good. You are entering the tournament with points.
So practically its free ;0 Good luck with it.

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