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Funny PLO hands  +1

First this hand... Crazy guy with a wrap. I actually thought I was probably behind when he called my bets but I really was far from behind with 80% chance to win on the turn Big Smile

And in this one was pretty straight forward. Flop top set, guy leads out with a small bet (don't see that type of play often in PLO). Turn brings a possible straight with 53 but nothing too scary for my hand. When I saw what the guy had at showdown... I just laughed. lol

Expert play by your opponents. Shock
One may be able to do such stunts, like those guys did here, in Hold'em, but it is not a good idea in Omaha.
Surely two guys for the buddy list.

lol ikr

watch this expert play right here:

And that river... I was 96% favorite on the turn and he didn't have any outs.

It is called Jokerstars for a reason.

Its always a very nice feeling when you flop top set and the other guy bets into you. The hand played itself from then on and you was always going to get it all in, no matter what the turn and river produced

You are doing well in omaha. You can say it is your game.
So far at least. I wonder what the plyer in the second hand was thinking.
Bad play there Smile You know how to pick them Smile Keep winning Thumbs Up

Yeah doubletop it's definetly nice when you have the nuts and the other guy keeps raising you Smile

Here are some more hands I played today:

Hopefully my good streak continues! In pot limit omaha you really need to have the river on your side... or atleast not against you! Big Smile

Good luck on the tables mobsters

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I literally can't stop laughing! These Zoom poker players are simply amazing.
We are confident that your next accomplishment is right around the corner. Wishing you the best things in your future to come.

Hehe thanks Tony. I have to admit watching these replays is pretty funny. I seem to be able to get max value out of my opponents almost everytime. And when I semibluff or do large c-bets I always do it with some kind of outs on the nuts.

Here Its not a big pot but still max value I think:

In this one I was hoping that my opponent got a full house or quad on the river:


Here's a very nice river for me. Opponent had AA and figured I probably don't have AJ because of it and decided to bluff the river... lol

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