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Hello my fellow mobsters

It´s been a while but finnally poker is back in Portugal Worship Worship Worship
For the moment only POKERSTARS as a license but at least is on Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
But the dark side is that the market for the moment is close Sad Sad only portuguese players are allowed but it´s , not the perfect solution ,better this then nothing

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Probably not many of you playing if it is only for portugues people.
But it is a step in the good direction for the return.
And the best thing is, that pokerstars was the one that got the lead on it, which has the most
players, so it can make things a bit better.

Av1966....... a huge welcome back to poker (even if it is in a limited format) in Portugal. Don't be down, look on the positive side and try and make as much as you an from your compatriates and develop your game before it all ticks back into place taking on the big wide world. Good luck and keep enjoying.

well its a start at least.
and if there are not many members u might up ending playing christiano ronaldo when he visits his family back home Big Smile

send him greetings from me when u beat him ofcourse

well as many mobbits pointed this, it's a good start, though pretty limited offer and i do actually wonder how many players are there at peak times since only Portuguese can play? the good thing is that it's pokerstars that has the license and not say duck poker (with all the respect for duck poker).

Hello to you all mobsters outthere

Well so far it has a pretty decent traffic the people were boiling to play poker so now that it`s here everybody run to the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hopefully it will be like that for a while and let the fun begin Big Smile Big Smile

It`s a true honor and a real pleasure to share this amazing forum with you all , my fellow mobsters Worship Worship Worship

We are glad to have you back, av1966! How has life been treating you?
We are aware how hard you have been working on developing your skills in the game of poker. Your determination to reach your goal has been commendable.

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