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Fast Five

Fast Five is a quick-fire 6-max cash game where players start with five big blinds. It's played exactly the same way as a regular cash game except everybody starts with a tiny stack, so the action is always fast and furious. The small buy-in of just five big blinds means that all bankrolls can play, with the smallest buy-in starting at just $2.50. The fixed buy-in keeps the game fast and fair. [...]   Read more » Fast Five

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fast and fun- yes. tailored for drunk degens- yes. shift from skill poker to casino poker- yes, bankroll gone in an instance- yes. more rake guaranteed- yes, shaved balls for xmas- yes.

great product if you're a shareholder of the company that owns partypoker or if you fall into category of drunk degen.

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This is totally new format, this is very nice promotion for maniacs, drunks, punks, hunks and guys with trunks. But in all fairness and not to be silly, this is something i am not waiting for, I think there are probably players who really like it, but if you don't have a huge player base, then it is not smart to offer a lot of different games. For example, you can't even get enough players to play a DoN at night time..
They should lure more people from Asia and the Americas.

I rate it non existing 4 stars.

Whatever they can in order for the games to finish as fast as possible giving them more rake
at the end.
The normal games will be something rare in the future it seems, hooking everyone now
on speed bingo games.

This new format was already long ago on ful.l til.t poker and was trible max buy in was 5 bb and you cant call or check you can only go all in or fold....This format are good for adrenalin junkies drunk people or addict gambler Blink
GL to all who want to try this...

Yesterday i went to see what its like and there was only one table running with two players and one was up wit a BR of around $40.00. I watch the game and the other one played another few games lost them all and stop playing.

I then though ok i will spend $2.50 so i enter and the first hand the guy fold pre flop the next hand i had A 10 i shoved he called and i won the hand this is was my experience of the game because i left just after my win. So i can say that i am a winner at this game. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

But for sure it was a try and a last one i will never play that again.

I don't think I would like this type of cash games. It's designed to make you gamble more and fold less so that you pay more rake per hour. Just like sit & gos, beat the clocks, hypers and all that stuff they keep adding... It's pretty obvious. On what platform is this anyways?

See you on the tables guys

This sort of game would be no good for me, i like to take my time and have a good think and then make the wrong decision!! These games are exciting though and i think it will prove to be very popular

i can see this promotion seems to be for everyone and i hope everybody enjoy the wonderful season ok guys have fun and enjoy the rest of the day ok!!!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

If you are a fan of playing super-short-stack cash game or tournament, this might be the perfect choice for you. Unlike regular game, any suited or unsuited Ax, a King, Queen, or Jack with a decent kicker, and any pocket pair can be played aggressively preflop.

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