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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to forum reg. themachine who was the only one ITM this week.

I played it and came back to normal and went out again in an unlucky hand but it look like this is poker. Big Smile Big Smile

well what can I say... my pocked pairs were cracked, and than as shorty I menage to double up, and after that some maniac player that is shoving evry hand shoved... I had AT and around 16BB left, I called and right next to me ingrind called with KQs...flop comes K and that was it... @ingrind thats a bad call there, but hey I am happy that you kicked me out and not some stranger...@themachine congrats

... Big Smile< ...Nice making the cash machine man...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< ...I lasted about 2 or 3 hands when I slow played my AA and got 'Flushed' dans la

... Big Smile< ....Dig the guy's name at the bottom of the list...: Ojibway420

... Big Smile< ...Hilarious,....buddy's a pot smokin' native...! Big Smile Worship

Many congratulations to all the winners' on this weeks' freeroll. Its nice to see one regular in the money and extra congratulations to them. I'd like to wish all the Mobsters' a very Merry Christmas and see you all at the tables

congratulation to only regular from forum,TheMachineQc,who won at least some amount!not good sunday for regulars at party poker!I didnt play this sunday,saturday was too drunk,so didnt have enough will and brain for playing poker on sunday Big Smile

Congratulations to the winners, especially themachine who was in the money.
pinotte you won the last one, and it kinda evens your early loss on this one Blink
You will bounce back up again, dont worry. Its a matter of time.

Massive congratulations to all those who got in the money in the weekly $200 freeroll tournament at PartyPoker. I am wishing the best of luck on all mobsters playing the tournament on the coming Sunday.

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Thanks guys! I played well throughout the tournament. Got up to 7k early, then ran AK into AA and went back down to 3k but still managed to stay alive and make a pretty deep run. When prizes got to 5$ I had only about 12-13 BBs so I had to shove light. I was happy to shove with deuces on the cut off but I got called by nines in the SB and that was it for me Smile

GL next week guys

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