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I just won a prize on the calendar but when I click on the "claim ticket" option, I get this message:
"You already claimed tickets for our lottery instead of the prize you won. You claimed your tickets on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

You currently have 71 tickets in the lottery.

We will draw winners about a week after Christmas, who will then instantly receive their prize. Winners will also be announced in our news section."

The strange thing is, I pressed to claim ticket just a couple of seconds after the win...
According to the "winner mail" the time I won was:
Date 12/24/2016 11:02:52 PM (GMT)

Please look into this! I know it's only one ticket so not a big deal, I just want to know what happened. It says I have 2 hours to claim my prize and I clicked the "claim ticket" option at the most 3 seconds after I won the prize.

I had the same thing

Read read read read read read the forum

What's with the thumbs down? I have read the forum about the whole thing that someone claimed the prize before me to cause that message. I wouldn't say anything if it wasn't so strange because I tried to claim it less then 5 seconds after I won it! I didn't wait to long so it went back into the pool so the only explanation is that the previous winner claimed it sometime during those 5 seconds between me winning it and claiming. It's just such a small margin so it makes me kinda curious if that actually happened or if there was something else.

Besides, giving me a thumbs down is just so unnecessary when I said straight out that it's not a big deal, I just want to know what happened!

Exactly, there's a retard who thinks he knows what the problem is - but clearly doesn't - that gives thumbs down to everyone who report this fact. Just look at the other thread, same thing happened to me. In fact it happens to everyone who wins and claims the "same" prize twice in the same day. But I think it had to be the same exact draw (not just the same prize) because when u claim tickets the prize goes back into the draw so you can't claim the prize if you win it again (or the tickets).

Sounds like that could be a thing, but since I won that price only ones today, it doesn't really explain it...

Oh well, it's only one ticket and we get a bunch of free stuff from BRM so no hard feelings! Smile

A bit weird. The issue seems more prevalent in this year's Christmas calendar promotion. I don't recall many forum members experiencing such a problem when exchanging their prizes for raffle tickets in previous years' events.

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