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Hello folks! Im a tight passive/tight aggressive player and i play exculsive online. This due to problems with my poker face IRL Blink I have this serious question about Live VS Software based poker. The constant feeling of being outplayed even before the hand goes off. The biggest frustration is on B2B poker and iPoker networks. On iPoker the constant feeling is that aggressive players with better stacks get better hands and have TOTLALY made up hands when the going gets tough and high blinds and i HAVE to play push fold. The latest example:

K8 off
388 Bye Bye

My question is to all LIVE players: Is there a big differ between live cards and online generators? It must be cause the generators and dealt cards differ so much from network to network. I have most problems with B2B network. Their setups is SADISTIC. I had bad cards all tournaments long and then i get KQ off. Flop is 9K3. I do small raise. I get slowplayed down with 33. Im just so frustrated.

I have seen films from the WSOP and so on and the rule seems to be that the player with most stack seem to win or this may be cause they film them cause they are stars. Please help me answer this question!

unfortunately hands just go bad.part of the game .keep up the solid play and you win,just be patient and you be ok. Thumbs Up

I have read many similar discussions before. Someone said that cards can never be generated completely at random and different software have different ways of getting as close to random as possible. So i guess in theory different combinations are more likely to come up on some sites than others. however all poker sites are closely regulated to ensure that all players have a fair chance so i guess you must just be unlucky mate.

Even in live games, the cards are not nessecary completely random because unless you're a very good dealer/shuffler certain cards are bound to stay together. So I'm guessing that you are more likely to see different combinations in live games too though I can't say I've ever noticed any difference between any site online or live game.

no way, live and online is identically random. your coming at this from the point of view that if it were somehow different, this difference is working against you, not the case. if you use a database such as pt3 or hem, you will see as the number of hands you play increases the distribution of cards begin to fall into line, online poker is not rigged, and your better protected against cheating online than playing live imo.

"I had bad cards all tournaments long and then i get KQ off."

kqo can be a very bad hand in a tournament, and likley to send you packing.

First hand:
Someone has flopped trips. There must be something wrong with the RNG. Big Smile

Second hand:
Someone has flopped a set. There is definatly something wrong with the RNG, Big Smile Big Smile

"Even in live games, the cards are not nessecary completely random because unless you're a very good dealer/shuffler certain cards are bound to stay together."

once you disturb one card in a deck the following hand will have a completely random result at showdown.

thanx for the replies! well its this im learning the game (still Sad) and the fact is that any bad game from me can easily be blamed on the generator. TOO easy... your replies got me to think. again thanx a bunch.

poker isnt game where u learn all Smile
you learning all the time, remember if u playing a poker with other players you know they cheat you like soft games.

Well your right, its easy to place blaim, and very rarley take blaim, even when you bluff I bet you say he should have folded :}
No the world is not against you just sometimes you can have a bad losing streak.
If anythinkg id say that sometimes ppl can read cards in live games (count) so the RGS could be safer.
GL at the felt.

All of you are totally right and I agree.

One thing caught my eye on iPoker, in tournaments, players who sit out, when they are all in due to blinds, have tendency to win hands on very weird ways. Either they have higher kicker or strong starting hand and even if they have total crap they win with bottom pairs or something. Sometimes they survive 3 or 4 all ins, one player fell one place short of the money by sitting out with starting stack only i stopped counting at some 5 all ins. Anybody else have that experience or is it just me?

I play online and live.
I see incredilble hand in live.
But ipoker, for me, is not random card.
I play a lot in titan..... Aww crap!

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