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That's right your boy TheIrish back at it kickin Ass takin names along the way.

Sitting top 20ish atm. only another 30 to go till cash.

Hope to take this one down and add some good BR.

Just got knocked out in 32nd for 3.99 from 1.10 investment so tripled my money. Ran Pocket JJ into AA and he hit a A on Flop game over. 32nd/534 aint too bad and another profit I'll certainly take.

Just won another 3.50$ 18 Players Turbo after gettign to headsup more than 2.5 or 3-1 disadvantage but ended up crushing him 1 on 1 heads up and taking it down.

On a little roll at the moment even though not playing all that much still seem to have the winning touch.

In my last 9 3.50$ sit & go I've now won 4 of the runs and finished 3rd in one other so 5 of 8 cashes and 4 wins has really helped the BR and will make for a much more interesting TCOOP starting on Wednesday.

I think that's it for me tonight and I'll be back later this afternoon i snooze for a bit.

Night all and may the gods be on your side.

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You really are having a great run at the moment and it is always nice to read about your tournaments. I havent got the time to play in tournaments but i do enjoy playing sit and go's and find these a lot easier

well can't say that i am a huge fan of these hyper, super, dooper, stripper turbos or anything similar which more or less takes the game into the roller-coaster mode, but it seems that you are doing fine in these and that's what matters most- go for what you are good in.

We are all delighted to hear that you have been doing well on PokerStars. You are an incredibly talented poker player. Please take good care of yourself and keep climbing the ladder of success. All the best.

That is a very nice profit you have done so far.
From the screenshot i can see you have made a bout 50$ profit.
If you can keep winning like this daily, you can make a huge bankroll very fast.
One with many cash outs in the way Smile Well done.

Thanks guys for the kind words. my game seems to have taken another step forward the past month or so and looks like if I start upping the volume i Play that I could make this that much more of a successful run.

Just sat down to my first 3.50 s & g and cashed 2nd place in a 18 man turbo. Made 17.06$ which means more than 13.50 in profits not too bad.

I think I might start to multi-table a bit more maybe 3 to start.

I'll let you guys know how the volume increase works out or doesn't.

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