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That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at in the 1.10+R$ 7.5K gtd.

At the moment we just hit the add-on portion so I'm now over the 100k chip stack good for 44/956. Super early still and very swingy game. Should have an extra 62k but lost after flopping Top pair with AK and hitting turn king gave me 2 pair but oppenent hit 4 flush on river with pocket Queens. would be top 10 stack if it held up.

Looks like another good run and hopefully final table bound.

Wish me luck boys and girls, I'll be back later with update.

TheIrish out!

up to 165k now still top 50.

here's the last big hand...

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to this lovely player for the gift!....

Love free money now top 20

Just hit cash stage but lost a tough hand against me A9 BB vs 44 SB They shove i call and I hit 2 pair on flop and then runner runner 4 flush with pocket 4's for my oppenent. would have an extra 120k but at least i still have some chips 200k roughly. 90/242 atm.

Here's the hand I lost some momentum with...

now 88/159 after current break.

out in 136 got stupid, again late in a deep run. pushed with something really really bad and got called off and gone. won't even mention the hand i lost with as I'm more embarrassed than anything at this point. man I really need to figure out what's wrong with me late in tournaments, it's like a disease or something and until I get it under control I'm probably wont get much better.

Spent 3.30$ with add-ons and won 15.29$ another profit but another great opportunity down the drain. there's always tomorrow, right ?

That's it for me for the moment and will jump on the sit & go's later on.

Time to smoke a joint after that disappointment. Picked up some "Blue God" weed and it's absolutely amazing smelling being a blueberry strain.

Later boys and girls!

Edited by TheIrish77 (17 January 2017 @ 22:08 GMT)

thats nice man ,keep it up ,try to bluff when you can after booble zone it alwais works 4 me

Hey TheIrish77! Looks like you're consistently doing good in large field multi table tournaments Smile Personally I prefer fields under 300 players for some reason I have a lot better results in these. Just like you I tend to lose the important pots later on close to the big prizes. But of course it's all about volume, so keep grinding Smile

Good luck man

Its al about learning. As u had to learn how to beat early stages u have to learn how to beat late stages. As u know game changes thru the stages of tournament so does in late stage too.
I know this cause i had same problem. But then i learnt how to play when less then 20 players or so...
Just keep grinding and learn from your mistakes and observe what other players do close to FT.

I wish to congratulate you for a great performance Mr TheIrish77! It iz always a great feeling to go deep in any tournament and you managed to increase your money 5 times, of course there was a chance to finish in a better place, but as you say- there is always tomorrow.

You are doing great, good luck

even a small gain for the nice man ... so I congratulate you with another win and wish you good luck in future games and tournaments ... many on this forum I wish you luck and perhaps this helps .. probably)))

My deepest and most sincere congratulations!
Your persistent dedication to the game of poker is pretty remarkable. We are certain we will hear many more great deals about your achievements in the future.

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