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Was dominant stack at final table and then heads up guy with 83os hit 2 pair on turn against AK. he shoves after flop hits with 8 and hits 3 on turn. MFL was destroying this one the whole time and heads up this guy just kept hitting something with garbage hands.

here's the hand that 1 could've won with ughhhhh...

Still 2nd place is pretty swell for 30.86$, which 27.31$ is profit so not all bad and another positive run for your boy TheIrish, even if i left 14 $ + in profits behind.

Maybe time for a pancake and a smoak. (someone quote the movie this line is from !)

Frustrating getting so close and so dominant for so long and then bam the gods turn on you. seems to happen often too me.

I'll be back later for some more action and updates soon after to follow of course.

Later boys and girls,

TheIrish out

Cool Cool Cool

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ea you got unlucky in that hand. 83, wonder what the other player was thinking.
But not the only one out there.
All it takes is a pair to put all their money in, even if it is the worst pair in flop.
Tried that didnt work for me Smile

Yes, really frustrating lost to 83os with premium hand. Always curious what they thought, lol .Is reraised him 3x preflop make him fold ? At least you made profit TheIrish, congratulation, better luck next time Smile

course in poker there are the most incredible things so nothing terrible has happened ... the main thing that you have won money and everything ... congratulations on another success and good luck in the game

Yeah that is a typical "what the fvck?!?!" moment when you see his ugly shove with a bluff catcher. Absolutely no real reason to do that there but anyways the blinds were pretty high and he flopped mid pair so he thought (or hoped) he had the best hand. Still pretty weak play by him, he could've raised 2x and folded to a shove still. If he doubles you up there it's anyone's game.

Better luck next time.

I actually would have won had the hand held up. That's poker right ? Lol oh well still good profits made so no real issue.

Posted by TheIrish77:
I actually would have won had the hand held up. That's poker right ? Lol oh well still good profits made so no real issue.

These guys rarely run out of luck in these situations, but variance works both ways too.
Congrats for the results!

The shover got lucky. I can imagine how irritating it must have been to get sucked out by the five outers on the turn. Still, you have made a pretty good profit on your investment. Chin up and better luck next time.

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