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Go Go Bayern for 180 $  0   
Got 3 free bet from mira on brms calendar promo, and earned 98 Dollar then i placed bet on Dortmund last week ws werder and bvb win, and i waited for todays match werder vs bayern, if bayern win i got ower 180 Dollar , but if finished 1 or x i got 130 eur in both ways im win.ner haha Dollar Cool

Edited by mirexxx (28 January 2017 @ 16:05 GMT)

Hehe nice job Mirexxx! Take that Mira vodka money!! Blink

I tried to do some bets on football but I really don't watch it enough to be knowledgeable about it. And I don't like the fact that overtime doesn't count as a win, just like hockey. I've made combined bets before that would have won if the team didn't win in overtime.

That's why I prefer betting on individual sports like boxing, Mixed martial arts and Tennis. Seem easier to predict results for me.

Good luck

Wow! You have made a good chunk of money out of a free $3.00 bet for sports betting on BetMira that you won from the 2016 Christmas Calendar. We are so proud of your accomplishments and excited to see where life takes you next.

Hey, congrats man on this win. Bayern 'sweated' out - no, not really Big Smile - this victory even though it was a pretty even game nevertheless... Of course it is pretty much helpful when you score two goals in the first half and let the other team run after you for another half Big Smile

congratulations dude ... a very good job ... I see you are lucky all this year ... and you are lucky poker and bookmaker betting you also win ... you have a third eye? or you simply diabolical streak of luck?

wow congrats on your awesome wining mirexxx Thumbs Up

THX alll---

Played also 80 Dollar on senegal-cameron first half x, i wanted to play x-x half time ful time but i not played,, i finished wager on my free bet i gained 247 Dollar , widhtrawed 240 rest for tomorows brm frerol rebuy and addon... Smile Dollar Spade Club Heart Diamond

Congratulations mirexxx Dollar Now I see why you do not need a permanent job Big Smile Thumbs Up here has money for a good life Smile pubs, discos,good singer Worship enjoy life,every day you making money Smile you're one of the luckiest guy I met,congratulations again Thumbs Up

What a tremendous return on your original investment and many congratulations to you. I am glad that you have withdrawn most of your winnings and i hope that you enjoy spending your money. Well done again

well good for you, really impressive return on the free money you got from the xmas calendar, when you're on a roll it surely seems simple, place a bet here, place a bet there and voila: you have hundreds of dollars in your account... but this rarely happens, so consider yourself really lucky, congrats Thumbs Up

mirexxx knows how to make money Worship Thumbs Up Dollar he may minimum amount to make a lot of money Smile mirexxx simply knows his business,he does not have a permanent job,salary would be around 200-300 eur,in this way he earns a monthly salary for 2 hours Dollar Worship Smile

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