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how does he call?  0   
well i know its low stakes....i gotta expect it, in fact I usually make money off a play like this. I know its wrong....but I even told them I had the set.....and he still calls.

** Hand # 2240877306 starting - 2008-10-27 22:31:37
** Fresh Vegetables [Hold 'em] (0.02|0.05 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

digstown sitting in seat 1 with $12.17[Dealer]
DVLDOG_81-01 sitting in seat 2 with $5.96
Yorique sitting in seat 3 with $1.00
furuveien sitting in seat 4 with $4.78
fancy4020 sitting in seat 5 with $3.93[Sitting out]
doughbag sitting in seat 6 with $4.24
kamufLars82 sitting in seat 7 with $8.45
lambofgod11 sitting in seat 8 with $6.95
Tarman101 sitting in seat 9 with $3.05
desisman sitting in seat 10 with $2.82
DVLDOG_81-01 posted the small blind - $0.02
Yorique posted the big blind - $0.05

** Dealing cards to lambofgod11: Qh, Qd
furuveien folded
doughbag folded
kamufLars82 called - $0.05
lambofgod11 raised to $0.30
Tarman101 folded
desisman called - $0.30
digstown folded
DVLDOG_81-01 called - $0.30
Yorique folded
kamufLars82 called - $0.30

** Dealing the flop: 5h, Qc, 9h
DVLDOG_81-01 checked
kamufLars82 checked
lambofgod11 bet - $0.80
desisman went all-in - $2.52
DVLDOG_81-01 called - $2.52
kamufLars82 called - $2.52
lambofgod11 > wow i got set of Q's
lambofgod11 went all-in - $5.85
DVLDOG_81-01 folded
kamufLars82 called - $6.65

** Dealing the turn: 8d

** Dealing the river: 2d
lambofgod11 shows: Qh, Qd
kamufLars82 shows: Js, 10h
desisman mucks: 9c, Qs
kamufLars82 wins $11.23 from the main pot
kamufLars82 wins $8.26 from side pot 1

You do not really expect a guy, who calles a substantial raise preflop with JTo, hits his open ender, puts a big part of his stack allready in, to fold here?

And actually he is priced in. He has ~25% equity even against a set. And the pot is allready huge when he has to make the final call.

i tell you why he called..

youre playing for fucking 2 dollars....

Posted by SetDueces:
i tell you why he called..

youre playing for fucking 2 dollars....

lol Big Smile But it still hurts when you lose $20 pot

open ended straight draw, he was probably right to call Confused

yeah, nothing to strange there, as for being only a $2 table, so what?

Nothing special here. Actually the players don't have to believe you. I admit that you had nuts on flop but morons are morons. Keep on playing and you will win.

yep,but the thing is we all gotta,get many times you call a good hand down with lucky junk and win.all evens out in the end,trick is to shift it in your win more often with that hand in long run. Big Smile

"You do not really expect a guy, who calles a substantial raise preflop with JTo, hits his open ender, puts a big part of his stack allready in, to fold here?"

Another good shokaku post. Though I doubt someone that donkish, can even spell 'equity'. Looks like they play lucky poker, imo.

this is a problem in fact caused by all the people at the table playing so short stacked.

when you bet that 80 cents, there's 2 bucks in the pot total
now someone pushes for a little more then that (2.50)
so now 2 people call, looking at it as a normal pot sized bet, the second caller basically calling for odds there.
now you push 6 bucks into a pot of ... i think around $10
you even tell the guy what you have so he knows you're not holding Ax of hearts (which would kill some of his outs) and he can calculate its not such a bad call
I think its mathematically correct, 8 outs = about 35% chance to win.. he has to call another 4 dollars to win 16. he made a good call.

now think what would happen if you all had $10 and think what changes when the first guy goes all in on the flop again... no draws can call, and only you call, you win

correct me if im wrong .

pot is 15.35 $ and it cost him 6.85 to call so he gets , 1 : 2,4 pot odds .

he has max 30% of winning if he puts he's 2 villians on crap hands wich is not likely when 2 is all in . So he has to know he is behind and need to hit he's outs .

He would need pot odds a little over 1:3 for it to be a good call.. He will be loseing on this play in the longrun .

you know one thing that i always take into consideration is there are a lot LOT of crazy fools at the low limits honestly they are so crazy they'll take your cash with 27o
and think they played a blinder.......
my advice to you is try and get up in the stakes around 25 -50 is a pretty straight game you can call and bet with a little less apprehention.
if your bankroll wont allow it just get there when you can and be ready to skim a little so you'll get another stab if you bust out.....
peace Cool

Thats the problem with ubber microlimits people just cant fold anything even if the board is of lets say 4 clubs and they dont have a Club , but just a pair they will call ur allins, its because microlimits are full of gamblers and n00bs, him makin that call was great for u man u were a big fav i mean u would fill up more times then he wil make a straight Thumbs Up

Open ender, low limit, already decided to call big bet... He probably used his left mouse button and selected CALL option from screen.

This is how to calculate how much equity you need to call all-in:

all-in price you have to call /total pot*100 = minimum needed equity in %

I have not added all numbers but let's say total pot is 20$ (with your all in and his call)

5,85$/20*100 = 29,25% minimum equity needed

He had 24,34% equity

So his call with the asumption of total pot = 20$ was slightly -EV so it was a bad call.

I will make precise calculation next time if you put pot size on streets Thumbs Up

But at NL5 don't expect people to make +EV moves you can only put your money in good and hope for the best.

My advice, bet pot on flop on this extremely draw heavy board and when you get reraised just go all-in to protect/get paid by draws stupid enough to pay cause they don't have the needed equity so you will make money on it in the long run but you must expect some variance. You will win aprox 76,65 of 100 times so if you could do this all day long you would quickly become a rich man Big Smile

True, but RNG can be real b...h sometimes for very long time and it can put anyone on tilt.

to be honest for him, he has J10, his outs are Ks and 8s, 8 outs, once he gets to a flop, you can have anything, even the pair of 5s with a 2 kiker, in his mind the only chance of winning is 8s or Ks, there was a flush draw on that board as well and unforunately when you hit trips on a board like that, your gonna get callers, you ahead but two cards to come. unlucky and keep playing Thumbs Up

am i really looking wrong ? i think the hand history is written a little strange, but the guy already put in the $2,50 before you pushed with your trip queens. so he is only calling about another $4, not $5,85. and the total pot he is winning is $18,50....
recalculate those odds now and it was a normal call guys, really nothing wrong here.

its because of the way the hand history is written ... when it says 'call $5,85', it means the total called, but he already had 2,50 in the pot before that .... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

that wass a good call with J 10h, no offence

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