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Anybody else completed this a couple of days ago? I got a 100$ bonus in the big chest at the end. I think it was a 10 or 20% chance so I got pretty lucky there Smile

In the rest of the map I only got 1 10$ bonus and all the rest was 5$ bonus and tickets but still, I have 180$ USD now and started with 30$ that I re-deposited after cashing out from this same promotion last month and they even gave me a 5$ MTT ticket on top of that (contacted live support in cashier when I deposited). I only did the challenges everyday, didn't really play poker there except for the challenges. I like how the bonus amounts you get are "on top" of your real money balance. You play with the restricted bonus first which is nice and you don't have to withdraw your "real" money. I'm probably gonna use this BR to play MTTs since it's risk free I don't care about variance.

Yep completed the whole thing. I got VERY lucky and won $500 for completing one of the rows and another $50 for another row Dollar Dollar Dollar Only managed to win $20 from the big chest but I guess that's fine Big Smile

I got off to a bad start with the second treasure map missed the first day completed every other day and won mostly the minimum Dollar 5 bonuses with one Dollar 10 bonus got a total profit of Dollar 78 from the two treasure maps good bankroll to start completing the upcoming challenges for more 3K tickets with the new promotion and the 888 Bankroll Mob Leaderboard.

So starting at 180$ BR at the begining of the month I went down to 169$ playing only the 888 spring leaderboard tournaments taking the rebuys/addosn whenever I have to. I like the fact that the tournament has 6 handed tables.

Today I played the 888 spring leaderboard tournament again and I ran JJ into 77 all in pre (I 3 bet he 4bet all in...) and my opponent hit his 7 on the turn. Then a guy with like 20-25 BB open jammed QQ early position and I called with 33 thinking he had AK and lost.

So I got bored and went to play some NL50 PLO. On the first hand some big stack dude with 150$ behind tried to bluff me for 11$ on the river after missing his straight draws (678 on a 59 flop) and I called him with 2 small pairs. (I had a missed flushed draw too) Then I hit 2 nut flushes on the turn so I made a nice 30$ profit in less than 10 hands and left. Hit n run style Blink What's nice is the profit I made is real cash not bonus restricted because the amount I can withdraw is now 30$ bigger than it was before. BR at 199.50$ Smile

BankrollMob Forum » Testimonials » 888 second treasure map

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