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I look to make a deposit on 888 to try the new leaderboard and they would charge me 39% exchange rate.

In comparison i made a deposit on Party Poker $50.00 Can. and got $37.21 U.S. which is a 25.5% rate.

I am very sorry but i wont pay 39% to play there.

However if someone want to transfer me a $5.00 or $10.00 on 888 against the same amount on Stars then i would be able to play the leaderboard. Smile Smile

Big Smile< ...Hey Monsieur Pinotte.... I only have $12 in 888,....but I can surely help you out with $5...! That will get you going for the moment,...then maybe you can win a few more...!

Big Smile ...You need to get an Instadebit account...! You keep ALL your money in there, and you NEVER have to send money for poker from your bank or credit card...!!!

Big Smile< ...I have ONLY sent money from my bank TWICE in the 5 or 6 years I've been playing,...but have withdrawn dozens and dozens of times and the fee is only $2 plus the exchange rate.... It is VERY fair....! The best rates of them all...! They send U.S. dollars to your Bank account,...and your bank gives you the BEST exchange rate to convert to Canadian dollars...!

Big Smile< ...I have ONLY sent $10 TWICE in over 5 years to InstaDebit to play,...but have withdrawn hundreds of dollars MANY MANY times....!

Big Smile< ...I don't know why you haven't done that yet...!!! It's the absolute BEST way to handle all your money for poker...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

Look at it as an investment, if it gives you profits, then it's worth doing the deposit. Good luck at the tables Smile Smile

I don't what i did wrong but i tried to open an e wallet account in U.S. with InstaDebit but they said it was not possible. I now just have a deposit account with them.

If you think you can spare $5.00 i will take it and see how it goes my name on 888 is pinotte15.

Thanks demo i am doing a transfer on Stars now. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Transfer on Stars done.

... Big Smile< ...Done my friend...! Smile Thumbs Up


... Big Smile< ...Hey Pinotte....

... Big Smile< ...My Instadebit account is in U.S. dollars...

... Big Smile< ...My account is based in Canada.... They have offices in Toronto...

... Big Smile< ...Here's the toll free number... Phone them and find out what to do... Smile Thumbs Up

1 - 877 - 883 - 3248

... Big Smile< ...One thing though with 888 poker.... You can deposit there from InstaDebit,...but not withdraw from 888 to Insta... I figure 888 poker doesn't want folks withdrawing BACK to Insta so as to have money to spend on OTHER poker sites.... (Just an hypothesis though...)

... Big Smile< ...So I just let cash build up in 888 until I have about $50 or $100 THEN send it back to my bank from 888 via wire transfer... That takes 2 days and there are no extra fees... It's the only option for withdrawel from 888...

... Big Smile< ...Insta is PERFECT for the other sites though. Withdrawels from both Party and PokerStars to Insta have taken as little as a few hours,....especially from Party... I've withdrawn from Party at say 11pm or midnight,...and my $$$ is in Insta before I go to bed the same night...

... Big Smile< ....It's the absolute BEST.... There is NO better way....

1 - 877 - 883 - 3248

Edited by demodawggy (28 February 2017 @ 18:45 GMT)

39% exchange rate Shock how is this possible? I always thought that when exchanging from one currency to another sites at most take 10% no more than that, but 39% is just too much. I also just like you wouldn't deposit if I was in thisn situation.

This seems extremely too high for a conversion rate fee pinotte.
You are talking about 7 more dollars that you have to pay in 888poker from the numbers you are giving.
Are you sure its is the conversion ratio they have, or maybe they have a deposit fee, on top
of it?

I don't understand why you would have to pay such high convertion rate. Perhaps you are using the wrong method to deposit/withdraw. I always use a visa desjardins credit card and never have to pay these fees on any site I play on.

It's normal to pay the 25-28% difference between US dollar and Canadian dollar, but anything above that has to do with the payment method you're using. Sometimes you better get rid of old habits like bank account transfers Blink

Today Desjardins U.S exchange rate is 36.5% i would be very surprise that your Visa would charge less.

Stars is charging the XE exchange rate which is the lowest rate on the market and i think that Party Poker is using the same.

@ demodawggy on Stars and Party i have no fees for deposit or cash out however on 888 i used Instadebit and i had a charge for deposit and a very big exchange rate and like you said you can't cash out on instadebit.

I made this deposit a while ago and this is why i don't want to deposit there anymore.

I never heard of an ExTrA exchange rate between your and own currency. but I never heard about a rate about uploading money in your own currency, that just doesn't' make sense... when I upload 10 euro for example, I get a bad rate, but I just get the normal Forex rate with some extra costs, but not much though. so when the dollar is 1.40 I maybe get 1.30 for an Euro, I never had it that they charge me much more. Good luck though, but I have a feeling that I never get scammed that much !!! Thumbs Up

I just tried again in the 888 cashier if i want to deposit $30.00 it would cost me $41.97 in Canadian money.

Meaning an 11.97 exchange rate which = 39.9%

Like i said above the bank is charging 36.5%

And the XE rate charged by Stars is 33.5%

So 888 is charging 3.4% over the Bank and 6.4% over Stars.

This is the reason that i don't want to deposit there. I did it once and i won't anymore. Aww crap! Aww crap!

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