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888 blast: Tilt turns $1 into $30,000 within minutes  +1   
Hello guys,
today i witnessed some crazy stuff and wanted to share with you.

Every now and then i have a go at $1 blast on 888 to try and hit a big payday.
As expected i only hit the two lowest payout over and over again.
I check the lobby every time i login to see if someone has hit the top payout recently and if so i'll avoid playing it.

I logged in around 15hr ago and saw that the $1 blast which has a prizepool of $10K has just been won minutes ago.
I said alright let me check the lucky players who have hit that to see if i recognise any.
I dont recognize anyone but the guy that finished 4th, mrdemenour. i played with him a couple of times. payout is as follows 1st $6k, 2nd $2k ,3rd and 4th get $1k each.

I go play some other games and less than an hour later before logging out i check the blast lobby again. This time i see that the $300K jackpot has just been hit 17mins ago. Out of curiosity i check the lobby. I was shellshocked to see that same guy mrdemedour has finished 4th again this time for a hefty $30k.

I insta-googled his username because i was getting suspicious.

Turns out the dude is just a regular $1 buyin player. He probably got pissed that he only came 4th in the 10k jackpot and decided to risk it all on the 300k one which has a $30 buyin!

Tilt payed off big time for this guy.
Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

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Must be nice to hit those 10000x multiplier twice in one day I guess he puts in a lot of volume with them blasts biggest won I hit was a 10X at the $5 buy in and won it for $30 I prefer Blasts versus spin n goes because you have better odds of hitting a big prize pool but still two fourth place finishes he must have been tilted very big maybe his AA got cracked by a 22 straight on the river.

Wow what a nice cash of 30k Dollars with only 30 Dollar buyin! And he needs only 12 minutes to play, a strange hourly rate Blink He can be a high volume player, but this crazy cash with a 4th place was really amazing.

Wouw, that is just really crazy. But at least if you get fourth you get a nice prize. It would be very nasty if there is no reward for for the last guy. The guy mr demenour is really lucky though. But just wow, what a crazy situation is this. I think I am going to play more blasts from now on. It is just crazy what you can possibly win with it. I hope a forum regular or me can share a story like this. Although a $30 buy is just too much I think. Maybe in the future I can try this, but for now I will only play small stakes. Blink

I saw this at stars... I think I even made a thread about half year ago... guy played 7$ spins, hit 84k$ one... and he took 7k$ for 2nd or 3rd... and just 32 min after that he hit 120k$ spin on 100$ spins and finish 3rd for 10k$ O.o I was shocked how much that guy had luck in nearly 40min period of time...

@vic75 and daCapo71 Just google his username and you will likely end up seeing him on one of the tracking sites. From the numbers i saw, his volume is not that much. He just got extreeeeemely lucky.

Forget about it ingrind33, blast is impossible to beat unless you hit the jackpot payout. This dude got extremely lucky TWICE . You will most likely end up losing you whole bankroll. It is much better to focus on games you can beat with skill. Sure, give blast a go once in a while to try and get lucky but dont try to beat it with skill. Mission impossible.

@StheP Same feeling as you Shock

well if this dude had hit tow of those monstrous multipliers and won 1st place in both sng's i would be starting to thing i always think anyway- it's rigged. but since he won only 2x 4th places i tend to think that this all thing is actually rigged so smart that we have no fcukin clue that it is rigged.

Posted by StheP:
I saw this at stars... I think I even made a thread about half year ago... guy played 7$ spins, hit 84k$ one... and he took 7k$ for 2nd or 3rd... and just 32 min after that he hit 120k$ spin on 100$ spins and finish 3rd for 10k$ O.o I was shocked how much that guy had luck in nearly 40min period of time...

It could be just the poker site itself scamming us with fake accounts though. It's so mathematically unlikely to happen that this kind of situation seems a bit fishy to me. But yeah again it's murphy's law, anything that can happen will happen, given enough time...

Blast is by far the worst format ever to me but atleast all the players win when they hit a big multiplier.

Wow! Many congratulations go out to 'MRDEMEDOUR' from United Kingdom on winning $30,000! And huge, massive, and giant congratulations to a Canadian player 'mutt71' for pocketing $180,000 first place prize!

So...what we need to do is keep an eye out in games for mrdemeanour and strike up a conversation with him (assuming it is a him) and get whatever information we can from him as to the veracity of his acccount and winning fortune. Find out if he is member of a forum and see what he has posted etc. Could be interesting.

I doubt he was on tilt.
Would you have been on tilt for winning 1000$ for just 1$?
Yea he missed hitting the first place for the big money there, but still.
I would have been very happy with it Smile
Just decide to try that luck again and it worked big time.

@damosk I don't doubt his authenticity, from what i gathered from the tracking website, he looks like a normal player, just like us except with waaaaaaaay bigger balls and luck than us mere mortals.

After winning $1k, hero jumped to $5 blast and then jumped to the $30 ones.

I took some screenshots of info relevant to this player's amazing achievement. The tracking site is not up to date but hopefully will catch up by tomorrow.

@Mober Yeah might not have been tilt but it sounds better that way Smile
I very much doubt he'll be playing at the same stakes as me in the future Blink

Edited by tropical (10 March 2017 @ 22:26 GMT)

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Not necessary tilt, I think he was just happy to have a bankroll which would allow him to miss some initial steps with grinding on higher levels and with that 1k he thought he could do it without risk. It payed of for him big time.

These are the sort of stories that give every low buy in player a hope of winning something big. I do not play much poker but it is really nice to read about an everyday guy winning something big. Well done to him

Tracking site updated and we can get the full picture of MRDEMENOUR's incredible feat. Worship

Session starts @22h00 on 09/03/2017
- Plays 11 $1 blast sngs culminating in hitting the top prizepool @22h46. (odds is 1/100,000)
Hero gets $1000 for 4th place Smile Not ideal but still 1000X return Big Smile

- @22h56 Hero starts playing $5 blast. He plays 10 of them cashing only once for $7.50. Has his luck run out? Aww crap! Stay tuned to find out Blink

- @23h49 Hero went for glory and jumped from $5 blast bypassing the $15 ones and went directly to the $30 blast, the top buyin.
He plays 17 of them in total and on his last one which starts @01h27 am on 10/03/2017, he binks another top prizepool $300,000. (odds is 1/100,000)
Not very lucky with his poker he finishes 4th again this time for a whooping $30k though Dollar Dollar Dollar

Hero hits 2 jackpots 1/100,000 odds within 161 mins. Now that is some luck we can all do with Big Smile

Congratulations MRDEMENOUR Worship Worship Worship

Attached Imagessession 1.JPG session 2.JPG $1 jackpot.JPG $30 jackpot.JPG

so he did something that happend once in couple of billion times.... that is incredible... like you said chances to get it once are 1:1.000.000 and he hit it twice in couple of hours...

nice to be back guys .i just finished my work and now im back for more better priority in poker ,have fun guys and i know that your all in good shape congratulation to those winners. Worship Worship Worship Worship

An incredible and fantastic story ... maybe he'll tell it to someone and we'll see it somewhere in the news or on the forums? ... but there is a big danger that after such incredible success a person will feel dizzy and he will lose in the pursuit of the next jackpot All the winnings and a lot of your money Aww crap!

You either are lucky or not.
And this player was.
He got a nice payout from the first tournament and decided to try his luck
by playing maximum stakes.
Will he keep playing the ones with the high buy in now? Smile

Wow this is so great, to turn $1 into $30000, i wish some day this happened to me, of course this is not the biggest win we hear in pomer, online or real poker tours, but this was won very quickly and all started with so little money, ge was very lucky

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