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Some background:
Leaderboard Prizes

Tournament structure:
buyin $1(1000 chips), single rebuy $1(2000 chips), addon $2(4000 chips)
6 max ,10 min blind structure and 75 min late registration.

45 such tournaments will be played to determine the top 50 players.

The prize (dollars) you win in the tournament(s) are converted directly to points for the leader board, ie. $9.75 prize win will give you 9.75 points on the leader board.

Additional info: Usually around 90 players register and first place pays around $40.

My complaint: The pace of these tournaments is too slow thus making them last too long.
Relative to the number of players involved per tournament, 3 hours of play just to reach the money is way too long. Aww crap!
These tournaments should be structured in a way to last 4 hours maximum.
The current format is good for a one off event, not one that has 45 rounds.

With the current structure, a serious participant will need to finish in the Top 10 on the leader board to make the time investment worthwhile. Every other participant is wasting their time and would be better off playing something else.

Possible solutions(assuming BRM wants to maintain the buyin/rebuy/addon to cover the guarantee)
-Faster blind structure. For example 8 mins.
-Less time allocated per decision. To reduce tanking. In the current structure, tanking is overpowered. Tanking to addon, tanking to cash, tanking to higher payouts.
-???reduce the time for late registration to 1 hour
-Rethink the structure entirely based on the backroom numbers BRM has, to make participating in such events less time consuming. It will definitely increase the number of participants.

I understand that BRM most certainly won't modify the structure for this particular event but this is something to keep in mind for any similar leader boards in the future.

Edited by tropical (22 March 2017 @ 03:37 GMT)

I think regarding the tanking issue you are totally right but as to the blind situation making it faster will only make it more of a donkfest as it iis there are allready complete levels being jumped meaning instead the blinds going from 5/10 going to 10/20 to 15/30 it goes from 10/20 to 20/40 and so on
But the timer abuse really is an issue people taking 5 years every hand just to fold in the end isn't fun for anyone and it's another reason why the blinds should'nt go up faster we get only 3 to 4 hands in per level as it is but that's just my oppinion Blink

GL @ the tables everyone

With what has happened in the previous leader board in 888poker,
i find it very difficult for any change like this to happen Smile
They couldnt figure the winners, to pass the listto BRM and now you are expecting to change the format in a tournament there? Smile nah lol

I dont have much to say about this,because I didnt play this leaderboard tournaments with buy in,so dont know how things develope on tables,but if this take so long to play one torunaments,maybe blinds should raise faster!but dont think that anything will change when leaderboard is in progress,only when new leaderboard start!

I didn't know that they allready F'd up before but to be honest i'm not surprised Not a Fan of 888 !
About changing the Format i don't think it would be a good idea possible or not Turbo tourneys are mostly luckbox donkfests but sadly thats what Most People want

Turbo tournaments are a good idea ... the results would be very fast and many would be happy that the tournament did not take a lot of time .... I sometimes too play very slowly of course but this tactic has a plum as you yourself understand if you need a small win Big Smile

The faster the Tournament goes the more u have to depend on luck why not completely abandon the idea of poker tournaments and let's just play Bingo for that prize money Big Smile

Posted by pothead2012:
-- people taking 5 years every hand just to fold in the end isn't fun for anyone and it's another reason why the blinds should'nt go up faster we get only 3 to 4 hands in per level as it is but that's just my oppinion Blink

this is very true! the tournament already plays kinda like a turbo since people love to stall as much as they can in hopes of mincash

Wow, tropical, I am deeply impressed with your strong analytical skills. I hope that the issues get resolved soon. Wishing the best of luck to everyone participating in the 888poker leaderboard event.

@ djpremier yeah also the blind structure is F'd up after 40min the blinds are already at 50/100 no idea who came up with it but it's ridiculous

This leaderboard tourney series on 888 have a nice payout structure and the buyins for this rebuy-tourneys are also possible for micro stake players. Only the blind structure was a little bit bad, because you must wait a long time to play a hand.

Yeah i hear you, when this is slow you cant do anything as you have to adjust to those shitty time and the tournament in general, as the saying says if you dont like it dont play and all, anyway hope you did great in that tournament and made some real money and all, good luck mate have fun at the tables today hope you get more luck than me and make more money cheers peace out mate good luck once again

well i guess this is a series that is more geared towards the elderly mobbits, who have plenty of time to devote their day/-s for a slow paced tourney, a little bit of timewasting, which is not timewasting al all, since they are calculating the pot odds, inverted pot odds, fold equity and such on paper with their pencils...

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... Big Smile< I got no complaints,... It's a nice prize payout structure on the leaderboard,...and the payout's in the games are not bad either...if you can actually make it ITM without some donk-a$$ed moron knocking you out calling ALL IN with their Q 6 off f'n jUnK,....PRE FLOP...!!! Angry Confused Big Smile

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