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I'm posting this reply, due to the Bankrollmob Moss Freeroll which will occur on the 14th this month on America's Card Room.

I suppose the freeroll name ain't a coincidence.
Therefore I'm wondering when and where can we get the password.

Cheers Blink

Hi Harmony. I haven't heard about this until I saw your post in here and the ACR thread. It sounds like a great opportunity to play some free poker with a chance to get entry to a nice tournament. I can't see any reference to this promotion game in any of the news articles here at BRM. Well spotted and I am sure there will be some news about it soon.

Interesting information ... I'm certainly a member of the BRM and americas of course very interested in this news ... I really would like to play in this tournament ... I hope to see the information in the news on this forum

I missed the news on the brm freeroll site, but if taht true, this was a good news. I have a Americas Cardroom since some years at the cake network, but i don't play there for a longer time. But a brm freeroll was a good reason to try a comeback thre Blink

whether someone has some information about this tournament nobody wrote is this tournament organized by BankrollMob Confused I think someone has to write some information about this I'd like to know exactly all about this tournament in order to be registered on time

Hey H4rmony!

I have also never heard about this freeroll but I don't believe I have ever played at america's card room either. If I did it was a long long time ago and I don't remember it Big Smile How's the software? I could give it a try if there's a no deposit bonus for them or good sign up bonuses.

Thanks for the heads up.

See you there maybe Blink

Hey dude,
I only installed ACR around 2 or 3 weeks ago.
Anyway the software seems pretty good and the runner runners are not as constant as in other poker rooms.
As far as I can tell, I'm really enjoying playing there. Plus they have some cool table themes, what makes really a big difference. Not that it will make you play better, but at least its an upgrade on the visual effects.

About the SIGNUP B0NUS, I know they have one.
But either way, you can visit the site or follow the link below and see whatever suits you better:


Just looked again in the freerolls section in BRM and i cant find any game in poker america's
card room.
Maybe it is there by mistake or setup on a wrong date.
There is no info about it in the forum either...

Me neither.

Anyway was supposed to be on the 14th but it has been rescheduled for the 28th this month

Posted by H4Rm0Ny:
Me neither.

Anyway was supposed to be on the 14th but it has been rescheduled for the 28th this month

Sry wrong info the one on the 14th is still scheduled and there is a new one for the 28th

Edited by H4Rm0Ny (13 April 2017 @ 01:49 GMT)

I've had an email this morning informing me of the game tonight at americas card room. So it is on! 00.00 BST 14 April. Check your emails and get the low down. Hope to see a load of regulars at the tables and hopefully one of the regulars will walk away with one of the tickets on offer. Good luck y'all.

well im not so sure about it ,anyway u can check on their website for more proper information everything is freeroll today and always remind that poker is skill have fun guys and enjoy!the game Worship Worship Worship

Today I got an email about Americas Cardroom's special tournament, which is open exclusively to BankrollMob members. I think this is the one you are referring to. The tournament is scheduled to begin at 23:30 GMT today.
Good luck to all players!

haha Big Smile I guess we all got that mob mail.
They kept us in major expectation 'till today Blink

I hope I get some FORUM POSTERS in my tables...

GL getting those ticket's Blink

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