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Hey Boys and Girls it's your boy TheIrish77 back with ya.

Been a slow couple of weeks for me eber since the accident. No Major issues just lots of bumps and bruises. Feeling good as of today and wanted to say hi to everyone and let everybody know i'm running a few tournaments at this moment

Sitting top 10 atm in the Hot 0.55 cent. 1 k GTD with 204.73 up top for the victor.

Here are some of the lucky and not so lucky hands that have given me my stack so far...

Also sitting top 250ish of the Hot 2.20 currently but still very early on.

Be back with more updates im sure.

Wish me luck

The gods appear to be favouring me today...

Think i might be heading towards a big finish if this keeps up!

Edited by TheIrish77 (30 May 2017 @ 19:16 GMT)

Nice one, good to see you back in good health both on and more importantly off the tables... time to catch up now Smile good luck.

out 147th place. took an unnecessary shot and missed. Pocket 7's pushed into pocket JJ and AK and both beat me.

Playing a 3.50 turbo 45 player and sitting 3/11 7 paid out. Hope to make this some decent profit.

Just ended up taking down the 3.50 45 Player Turbo i just ran on Stars!

The gods were definetly smiling on this Iirshman as I got super lucky twice...

Here's the Winning had from this run...

Trips are my favourite!

This obviously doesn't happen all that often but I'll take it if that's how I have to win sometimes.

Good end to the afternoon and will be back later with more posts and play.

TheIrish out!

Edited by TheIrish77 (30 May 2017 @ 20:25 GMT)

Case in point, how aces always lose to a weaker hand on JokeStars, aaaaallllllwwwwaaayyyysssss, this is nothing personal against you buddy, its just proof how always the worst hand wins there, and why i no longer play that BS poker room anymore, i avoid it like the plague that it is Big Smile

Another fantastic couple of tournament cashes for you and its nice to see you getting back to yourself after your accident. These things can take a long time to get over sometimes so it is very nice to see you back on track so quickly

Nice winning for a playing time of 90 minutes in the Turbo SnG! And the ROI are also verry nice for a buyin of 3.50$, it seems this kind of tournaments are your favorite games. With good skills and a solid playing, this gamesare verry nice with their fast structure.

well congratz the irish dude, guess you're back to your good old form after the horrific car accident you were involved in and firing on all cylinders. keep on posting your epic results since we're all rooting for you. the irish will rise on stars and no opponents will be safe from total annihilation.

You got lucky indeed in some hands.
But after all you cant be hitting the money that often if you are not lucky at some point. Smile
You need the bad hands to hold too.
With only premium hands getting through, hoe many times can you reach the money Smile

Massive congratulations go out to TheIrish77 on his recent remarkable achievement. You have once again demonstrated extraordinary dedication to the game of poker. May good luck be your friend in whatever you do.

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