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Time to deal yet STheP?

that AJ vs K9 hand give me hart attack... well listen I will not make deal now, w8 cash bandidos to get out... but still you will not recive that much... you will never recive close to 2nd place money and difference is little... better risk it and play... you can squeeze at least 2nd place... after that if you are good HU player who knows...

I guess you are still in the game and thats good.
Deal or no deal like in the tv show Smile try to get as much as you can.
With the cash prize the first place has it does worth the risk either way.

Good luck on whatever you decide.

well its a little desapointed thaat you didnt win it, but try not to look that way... you won 112$ and try to look in that way... you had a preaty huge profit, and about deal, I doubt you could make one... because big stack would never accept deal there because he is actualy won tournament... he had 3x more chips than all of you had together... anyways congrats, and very soon you will win one Blink

Man i should have shoved pocket 7's preflo pinto that K 10 suited flop.

oh well 4/282 aint nothing too bad to talk about. would have loved to take it all down but the final hand the guy played perfectly just calling flop with AQ. i hit top pair and thought i was good, i was wrong.

2 good finishes 2 days in a row are good signs of my game maturing and making proper decisions most of the time.

Made 112.80$ for my 5.50$ investment which work out to 152$ Canadian when i make a withdrawal.

I think that's it for me till tomorrow.

Good night and thanks everyone for there advice and criticisms. all of it helps me become a better player and will soon lead to bigger scores and better stories for my mates.

TheIrish77 out!

So you are out Smile A good position after all. Was it a knock out tournament, cause you ae talking about 112 and i see that fourth place was playing 87, but i cant see anything about it in thescreenshot.
Unless you are talking winnings in total from both tournaments.
A good days profit Thumbs Up

on pic it says 4th place is 112$ I dont know where you see 87 because 5th place is 77$

Made 97.00$ profit for 4 hours of work.

Now good night for real this time.

It is always better to finish first but you can't do that all the time and a fourth position is a very nice place.

Congratulations for your very good ROI $112. for a $5.50 investment i think that everyone would take it any time.

Just continue to play like you are doing now seems that poker good is on your side. Smile

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