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Las Vegas slot players won huge jackpots on weekend

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Posted on 09 June 2017 by "T".
It appears that for some very lucky people, the past weekend in Sin City is the best place to be if you want to win some serious life-changing prizes just by playing a slot machine. On June 3, Saturday, at the Arizona Charlie's Decatur, a lucky player hit the jackpot on IGT's Wheel of Fortune Lucky 7s slot machine. The jackpot prize was $1.67 million. The $1 progressive game has now been reset to[...]   Read more » Las Vegas slot players won huge jackpots on weekend

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yeah this is true that you can win life changing amounts of cash in the sin city and in many other casinos all around the world for that matter, especially if you play the progressive jackpot games, sure chances are small, but the payout is something worth giving a go.

Any jackpot will ever be won and so if the jackpot is already big then of course there is a chance of winning .... but also the jackpot can grow further and further and further and further and further and further .... in any case, luck to the players in an attempt to win this jackpot

I doubt i could have won that 1 million plus jackpot.
I never play the lucky sevens slots.
Its is of the ones i dont like, probably cause i cant win anything there Smile

Playing slots leaving with millions, dreams lol

wow what amounts for small bets!from 1 $ win 1,67 millions and for 25 cents to win 343 K!ofcourse lot of people must lose this amount,to somebody get jackpot,but at leaste somebody won it!spent in well!

Wow so many money these people win, $1,67 millions, i can only imagine what can be done with this money, you can buy a house a car and travel the world, and of course spend some more money on slots and maybe win more prizes Tongue

As it seems to me this is an ordinary advertisement for attracting players and whether the jackpot won in the near future is unknown ... when somebody will have to pay this jackpot and maybe the owners of the casino decide to hold this jackpot ... it seems to me that this is possible

All casinos have progressive slots, and if you are into slots, then at some point you will
gamble a portion of your money on them.
Usually they dont have good payouts, so if not chasing the progressive, players prefer
playing the normal ones.

I'd rather buy lottery tickets, and they probably have a better payout per dollar.

I can only imagine the feeling these players had when all the lights started flashing and all the bells started going off. I really hope that they are just recreational gamblers and don't give it all back

What another nice winning at the slots in Vegas. Nice extra cash for this guy and perhaps he invested a part of the einning for the WSOP main event Big Smile And perhaps he wins the bracelet and another millions, he only need a good run Blink

for everybody who love to play slots,its good to play slots with huge jackpots and maybe they will win it!ofcouse most important is not to lose money and to play when you are in profit or arround 0!but when you get this kind of amounts,everything is great!

Congratulations to the winners.
I have been to Arizona Charlie's (owned by American Casino & Entertainment Properties) on Decatur Boulevard only once. Unlike Wynn & Encore on the Strip, Arizona Charlie's is really not a lavish and luxurious establishment; it is more like a budget hotel with small casino, cafés, and restaurants.

As I understood it was an advertising action ...... if several players win big wins then people around also want this ..... and as it seems to me these winnings were in any case blocked by the money that people lost on the same day

Well if i knew that a big win had happened recently in a specific casino,
then it would have been one that i wouldnt be visiting, for quite some time.
What are the chances of it happening again?
And it is better playing slots where the jackpot is already far from the reset.

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