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Dinosaurs, Hollywood and You

To celebrate the release of the official Jurassic WorldTM Online Slot, EnergyCasino is giving you the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip for two to Los Angeles, California! Stay in a luxury Hollywood hotel, enjoy a famous theme park, experience a celebrity home tour, take a helicopter ride over the city, and enjoy food, drink and spending money! The Superstar 1st prize includes: Retur[...]   Read more » Dinosaurs, Hollywood and You

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I think it is a good promotion if you are playing slots on energy casino already so now you can try new jurrasic world slot and also have chance to win a really great trip to california. Of course if you don't play there or don't like slot games then this offer is not for you

A good promotion, especially for all residing in London, not having additional expenses
to go there and catch the flight.
All the grinders will start playing there, for that nice trip.
It has even a helicopter ride Smile

well considering that all you have to do is so take a few rounds at the brand new jurrasic world slot and a lifetime trip for two to los angeles is pretty much guaranteed makes this promotion from energy casino a truly mesmerizing one.

This is certainly an interesting offer for those who play in this casino ..... if there is no account in this casino then it seems to me not worth registering a new account, and if someone is playing there all the time this is a good chance for a trip to the dinosaurs

This sounds like a fantastic prize and it would be incredible to win this. I am a very big Jurassic Park fan and it would be mind blowing to win this package. Good luck to all playing

Thats a good chance to win, for every 25€ accumulated at the slots there, you get a draw for the first prize winning. I´m not a fan from casino slot games, but sometimes they have interesting promos and so i try some shots time to time...

Very good opportunity that give to win that trip for two people, with many things included that you would not have to pay but well all inclusive in the with the trip since many times do not give you anything of those things haha Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

The question here is, how easy it is to win a prize like this, and if you can
trust the "draw" Smile
Participating in promotions where you get credit, either in real money, or even
in bonus money, according to your play, is the best thing to do.
But when it is a side promotion, it is all good.
Why not playing for more than one at the same time Smile

I love this promotions where just for playing some slot,you get tickets for big draw,where you can win trip,cash money,bonus money,free spins!so if you like some slot,you pay to win and in same time you get tickets for draw!

well yeah to be honest just like Mober thinks me is joining this thinking trend as well, not in the mood to trust all of these so called prize draws where one lucky person wins massive prize and then maybe a dozen or more dudes win something worthless... i always think this lucky dude happens to be a relative of some sort...

You probably won't believe me but I have never watched Jurassic Park from beginning to end. I have only seen the movie trailers and clips. So strange, isn't it?
Anyway, good luck to all mobsters playing the “Jurassic World” slot machine!

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This Jurassic Park slot is available on a variety of poker and casino platforms, with some offering lovely prizes just for playing. It's an interesting slot game with some features that are...... oh yes..... exactly the same as a mix of all of the other slots out there. It's fun if you can get some free spins or have money to throw at.

for me its better to have this kind of lottery,where you collecting tickets and on end they will choose somebody for trip,free money or whatever they give!its better then that you must hit some jackpot or something like that to get prize!

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