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Get free spins daily...
Play your favourite poker games and be rewarded with 5 honey sweet free spins daily on the game Pollen Party. Between July 12–26, all you have to do is play 25 raked hands to get your daily free spins. Do you have what it takes to get all 75 free spins?
I got 5 free spuins and got 5.5 eur and good is that not need to wager wining from free spins ant promo is valid till
26.07... g.l who participiate Smile Worship

Edited by mirexxx (12 July 2017 @ 17:11 GMT)

A nice promotion for the regulars in betsson, since all you need is raked hands.
And of course the best thing is, that you dont need to wager it.
So whatever you get with the spins, go straight to your pocket.
mirexx had a nice start Smile Thumbs Up

Here great promo today got another 5 eur, last day 2 eur for 7 days of promo a gained 18 eur, and on other my brother acc about 8 Eur, great promo. Big Smile

You managed to cash in again?
What a surprise that is Smile
I have to see that you must be the one that has cleared the most bonuses ever.
And its not an easy task to do. Smile Thumbs Up

hehe also today, but i wait thursday on partypoker click card thats awesome promo Big Smile, toda got 6 eur from this 5 free spins Worship Smile

what kind of question is that Mober Big Smile You ask mirexxx if he's cashed again Big Smile It would be very weird that mirexxx did not get anything It would be very interesting to see Blink but it will never happen mirexxx is the king of bonuses,promotion Worship Thumbs Up

Seriously mirexx, you need to do some videos on it.
Would have been very interesting and i would sure watch it, to see
how on earth you are hitting the requirements every time.

Are you playing any lotto games, besides online ones?
With your luck you should chase bigger prizes Smile
All the best Thumbs Up

Hehe mober i thinked to go yesterday on party and with video but not getted bonus from party thats shame, but goo well on betsson Big Smile.. Big Smile

Hahahh mirexxx you are really a legend Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile Yesterday I told my friend about these free spin on betsson he replied that nothing gained from these free spin Big Smile I convinced myself that there was nothing of the 5 free spins he allowed me to use these 5 free spins and I got 0.15 Big Smile how do you get that amount I'm asking Confused Big Smile

The good thing is, that you have the option to play in all the sites that put up the
good promotions, so you have more choices to hit.

And even those small wins of yours, are huge for someone else who keeps failing
to win something, from a slot with five spins only, for example Smile
What more can i say but congratulations again Smile Thumbs Up

Thx Vaci thx mober Big Smile Worship

well i just wonder how much money on average mirexxx is earning from all of these neverending promotions, he seems to be taking home some sort of prize in each promotion he is taking part in. man dude you are a real legend on this forum, keep up the good work Thumbs Up

I guess we are all wondering the same thing Smile
If you add them up its quite a lot. You can make a living out of it.
A 10 from here 10 from there, they add up.
And its not like he is winning 10 every time. These are his bad wins Smile

I not pay internet for watching youtube or surfing on facebook e altr sheet i pay net for some earnings,and yes i gain monthly about 3 salary in my country..
Promo is ower today and i gained 39 eur for free because this spins are wager free..
Big Smile Spade Club Heart Diamond also good for poker play about 21 eur...

Well it figures you are earning a good amount monthly, and it seems a very good one
when you are telling us its three salaries Smile
Well keep up the good work and keep earning these salaries,
sitting comfortably in your home Smile

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