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Me and 3 friends are wondering if we can share the same account on an online poker room like Titan Poker, Pokerstars ...

We want to share an unique bankroll and play at different times, and each one of us at his own home.

Is it legal? Are some of you doing this?

Thank you

I don't believe it is legal but I think their are many that do account share.

Personally I like to have my own account - so I easily know what moneys mine.

If you want to account share then be sensible about it. ie Keep it quiet and don't have a mate logging in 5 mins after you log out when he's in a different country.

why would you want to share??, id rather kick my mates ars"s then share with them, sharings something babies do.

yes a silly idea,dont understand why you would want to do this,but all you have to do is log on account after you leave one com onto another.cant have same account and use different names.still dont get why you want to,please explain.

It has been known for some of the named pros. So they can play and get the action they want without anyone knowing how they play or how good they are.

multi accounting is also used for the same reason.

Brian Townsend aka sbrugby got caught recently on Full Tilt and issued an apology for doing so.

Also swapping accounts ie a Tag player swapping with a Lag player will throw off any poker tracking software your opponants may be using.

I don't think it's legal and you can read this in terms and conditions of the poker room. If you are playing from the same computer then noone will notice that you are three.

i think its ok to give your account details to someone if for instance you won a ticket to a tournament but you will not be able to play that day... what is NOT acceptable, is giving you account details to someone HALF WAY through a tournament and letting them complete it for you ... especially if that person got knocked out of the same tournament earlier on !! some poker pros have been caught doing this and it is completely unfair to the other players ... finally you knock out the damn pro and he's back in the tourney ?? Thumbs Down

hi there,

Well i have to explain then, excepted the fact that i dont care if this idea is stupid or not. Me and my 3 friends already have accounts on differents rooms. We would like to create a team, and play differently, for example to buy big tournaments buy-in at 4 instead of one, or try to do some practical exercices...

as far as i know its illegal. as example on pokerstars: not even your wife may play. only if you play tourny and have to go for a while, then she may continue playin for 5mins or only a couple hands untill your back ! and you have to request by phonecall to do that.
they might ban you for doing that

First post not legal second post partly legal.

In post 1 you want to share 1 account between several people playing at different times. This is ofcourse not legal since YOUR account is personal and it would be impossible for your opponent to addapt to you when you are 4 persons.

Post 2 sounds like you want to split a buy-in between 4 people so you can play the big tours I don't think there is a problem in this as long as the owner of the account is controlling the game and only taking advice from the spectators.

Buttom line you and your friends plan are on the edge of what is legal no matter what and I would suggest you to make your own account for your own, friends and opponents sake.

Good luck in the tours Cool

EDIT: remember when sharing account if your friend Pierre wins a satelite tour with a seat to IRL tour and the account is registred to Alessandro then it's Alessandro who's going to play IRL and not the winner Pierre.

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And how can they discover if it is me or my wife or a friend fo mine playing instead of me ?
Have I to do a phonecall to go to bathroom ?
And what happens if, after pixxing, have I to do something else ? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

pokerstars client goes with a trojan called "icu", so they can see through your monitorscreen (no pocketbillard more for you Blink )what your doing and if its really you playin or your mom Big Smile
what im tryin to say is, its simply not allowed, of course they cant recognize whos playin right now.
but he wants to share accounts, means: 3 different ISP login to 3 different accountnames. first of you may have only 1 account, and if you login from 1 pc to 3 accounts then u break the policy ( one account per one ID) - and thats traceable.
a pro player has been disqualyfied for playin a tourny with 4 accounts.
oh and after pixxing wash your hands or they will call the carabinieri Tongue
non rompermi i coglioni ! Blink Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It is a good idea since you can become higher vip level easier but I don't think it's allowed. I think same thing happened with a pro who had 100% rakeback on a popular site but he got busted?

Posted by GeneYuss:
It is a good idea since you can become higher vip level easier but I don't think it's allowed.

That is one of the reasons for why it is illegal.

Some month ago I had the same problems with my brother in law at PokerStars.
He was playing with his account at my PC... some hours later I was playing with my account. Next day, our accounts was closed by Pokerstars. Here is a part of the mail from PS.

Thank you for the reply. Please understand that account sharing, even if
authorized, and multiple account issues are not things that we can take
lightly what so ever, we do take our security measures seriously and
therefore we expect our players to do the same and to stick to our rules and
stipulations. You can find these on our website at: Please pay special attention to
section 5.2.Personal use.

If you share accounts PokerStars close it in minutes.
It`s not a good idea.

thats what i meant. 1 account = 1 ID = 1 PC.
and being banned because of such things sux, even if you didnt insist to betray. so none touches my pc Cool
have you been able to solve this with pokerstars or is your account closed for lifetime?
its a pitty if your banned...pokerstars is a cool Pokerclient with lots of traffic.

No, we have sent our ID`s to PokerStars, and after 2 weeks all was fine. We now can playing there again.
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