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Men robbed a casino, caught after coming back next day to cash out stolen tickets

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Posted on 09 August 2017 by "T".
What would you do if you have robbed a casino and discovered you have cash-out tickets that you can exchange for real money? Would you come back to the same casino again? Well, most with common sense know that it's better not to, but the call of temptation to trick the casino and get away with it is too strong for these greedy robbers, we suppose. Two men were arrested on August 2 Wednesday, due [...]   Read more » Men robbed a casino, caught after coming back next day to cash out stolen tickets

Men robbed a casino, caught after coming back next day to cash out stolen tickets  0   
These two cannot be described as criminal masterminds in any way and they deserved to be caught for being so stupid. They are looking at a few years behind bars and it is thoroughly deserved

Another proof of the old saying: You can`t fix stupid.

But what is that casino a lousy business, when one can steal only 500 bucks, and the majority of that money comes from an employee? They surely have to up the ante.

Lol, what a stupid guy. But it was nice, that they catched him. Now he can play in his own casino in the prison Blink The best thing in this news was, that he don´t have the chance to payout the tickets. Bad game for him...

o my god,they will go in jail for only 500 $?what a idiot you have to bet,I cant believe!you have 300 $ in cash and then you go to cash-out tickets to earn extry 200 $?I cant believe!now they will stay in jail for few years!

I once again made sure of the stupidity of those criminals who commit a crime in the casino .... not only that you are fixed by cameras ... so you also returned there .... this is the top of idiocy .... the mind of these criminals lacks

hello my friends and fellow mobsters

This dude deserves to go to jail and do double time sentence one for being a robber and other for being so stupid Big Smile Big Smile
This his the mastermind of crime the genious that can take crime to a higher level Big Smile Big Smile
If all the criminals where like him being a detective will be sweet and easy Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Stay cool and enjoy life

There are plenty of cases with thieves which are too stupid after committing a robbery or another delinquency. Some fall asleep in the house they are breaking to steal. Others remain to eat or drink and when they leave the place they are arrested by the police. These are thieves by the fourth hand. Big Smile

A long article but it really worth reading it.
It is another story makes wondering what is going on in some people's minds.
Would they have done the same thing, if they werent taking drugs?
Its kinda of an excuse, for their silly doing, visiting the casino to cash in the tickets.

Crystal meth is a hell of a drug. It really does destroy the brain. The bad choices people make on this drug are scary. Robbing a casino is of course a major felony, even if they only got a couple of hundred dollars. It's sad that they got more from mugging the clerk than robbing the establishment. Maybe people like this will switch to fentanyl or carfentanil and speed up the process of "suicide on the installment plan".

Do not commit crimes people. It doesn't pay in this life or the next.

not the wisest personas you will ever meet in your life, risking their normal lives for a mere $500 and then demonstrating their highest possible wit to try and cash in a stolen ticket in person? wow easily the honorable mentions in the most stupid crime in history

In many films I heard from the criminalists one phrase-the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime ... I was not sure that this was true ..... but now I see that this is actually .... interesting fact) ))))

pajalnick that is a common in many movies.
But i dont think they are returning back, to keep doing their crime in another form if you like Smile
In this case, it should have been, the idiots returned in the crime scene, trying to get even
more money Smile

This post by perattin has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
Criminals almost always return to the scene of the crime. Is that a fallacy?
Law enforcement officials believe that perpetrators of certain crimes simply can't resist revisiting their handiwork. I wouldn't go anywhere near the scene of my crime except accidentally or incidentally.

I think he actually visited back the casino because he thought that were there many opportunities to bag another $500 maybe even in the form of cold hard cash, and then he secretly hoped that this is the start of a wonderful journey where he will be coming back each day and pocketing $500.

Oh, man - Montana is small enough that these wise guys were probably known by local authorities well enough as trouble makers already then they are making their case worse to go back for some chump change. Real loosers y'all.

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