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Just Took Down A League MTT on Stars!  -1   
Decided to play the League - High School 20$ added.

Played some amazing poker and Binked it!

That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back and even though it's just a freeroll feels good to take a run down and to beat 615 other runners feels good atm.

Made 3.86 and it's now what i have in my PS account as I had a 0.00 balance before taking this down.
Final hand was a wild one as I hit top pair but my oppenent put me in and i called he had top pair top kicker and i Hit miracle river for victory !

hope i can parlay this into a bigger score and make some moolah on Stars!

Going to smoke one and pass out for the night.

Good night Mobsters talk to you all tomorrow Sleepy

Gratz for your winning in this High School freeroll! It mustn´t be a big tournament every time and to win one of these freerolls are not easy against a lot of maniacs. Gl for rebuilding a solid bankroll at Stars Thumbs Up

The final distribution of cards is of course very lucky for you ... if it had not come 6 then it is not known how the game was developed ..... congratulations on a new victory .... in freerolls it is difficult to win because many players play with any card with the hope of luck .... Worship

Congratulations on your win. It is always good finishing first.
But from all the tournaments you have played so far, this is the one you managed,
to finish first, for a bit less than 4 dollars? Smile
I wish you to repeat it very soon with a huge payout.
Good luck.

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Congratulations are in order to our canadian fellow mobster TheIrish77 Worship Worship for this wonderfull result that is the result of some awosme poker playing because no one gets to the top with luck Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Keep up the good work and keep on crushing those tournaments Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Stay cool and enjoy life

Our most sincere congratulations go out to our fellow forumite TheIrish77 on his notable achievement! It's really impressive that he maneuvered through the field of 616 players from around the globe.

Many congratulations for this great performance. Here money is not important but the good game you did it's very important for your career. Maybe in the future you will show another 1 st place on a higher level. It is not impossible. You can progress anytime if you are an ambitious man. GL with that. Thumbs Up

I rate these wins bigger than normal since I respect the fact you can play solidly in a freeroll for a long time!

Hi Irish, good one there congrats. Those games at Stars require solid play and even if it is just small money it is the result who is more prestigious Thumbs Up

Many congratulations to you on winning this tournament. It is always a very special feeling whenever you win one of these and , in past limited experience, it always made my day

Running hot one more time in The League - High School MTT on Stars!

Sitting in 2nd currently with about 280 players remaining. HOpe i can take another one down and come up near top of League for bigger payout.

here are a couple of my big hands that have gotten me most of my stack....

Early on

Just recently

I'll update as we get closer to cashing and then hope for a final

wow,well done dude.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I got too watch you play some time,take some lessons since apparently I am Bad player.... Big Smile Cool Blink

Thanks for the kind words my fellow Canuck!

I'm not that good just solid enough to take dow nsome freerolls. haven't had the big score yet that has eluded me for sometime now.

But again thanks for listening to my journies and hope to have some bigger news sooner down the road hopefully!

No problem ,and gl mangz.
I making a run in $2.20 and 3.30 bounty builder,just passed the the $2.20.

awesome job bud! Take er down and ship it!

I just cashed the Hot 0.55 cent so might be bale to make a run at this one as well!

Out of the league MTT due to some mistakes after taking bad beat on river. made some bad decisions after that and am out quickly. finished 49th out of 1233 so not a bad result but really wanted another win.

Still Have some chips in the Hot .55 so maybe i can make some head way!

Just doubled up with AQ against A3 so now over 26k stack.

Ouch just got fucked AK vs K 10 preflop all in and thery hit 10 of course and hold. out in around 370th for 1.00$. sick would've been top 100 at that point.

Sitting 2nd overall in a 0.10 cent 360 player Turbo on Stars and now down to last 37 1 away form cashing. Maybe this is the small one i can take down today ?

7/18 now after break

out in 12th for 0.51 c. Got unlucky in a flip preflop. AJ suited vs K3 and he hits 33q flop and then K on turn to rub it in. lost majority of stack as i had only 5 BB left over and that was it pretty much.

Another solid run but once again not a lot to show for it.

Maybe tomorrow will be my day.

Later all.

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