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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and looks like my fortunes have truned for the better on Stars. After winning The League - High School for about 3.85$ decided to try and bump that up today nad luckily for me with only 11. cent's left over after my last buy-in was able to cash 2 straight runs and 2 Final tables as well.

Played a 1.00$ 90 players, Turbo and made to heads up in 2nd position but couldn't get through my oppenent and ended up cashing 2nd place for 15.15$ so a good return on a 1.00$ buy-in. Happy so far.

also Final Tabled a 0.10 cent 360 players, turbo but got it in good as one of the shorter stacks and it did not hold for me and went out 8th for 0.81 cents. Still another good run deep and more confidence and BR to build up now. still got 8X my buy-in so still happy enough,

Might play some more later on but for now satisfied with my gains and performance and will enjoy the evening with the lady.!

Later all and hope you're having a good day on the tables or in life!

You had another great run with a good profit. Almost took that one down too.
You are one of the players that gives meaning to the "a chip and a chair ".
You can make a big bankroll out of nothing Smile
Juts keep running like that. Thumbs Up

My congratulations to TheIrish77, without a doubt you had a great day of poker with excellent results. I hope you will continue with these juicy profits that enrich your bankroll. Luck for your next tournaments and many more come, is the most beautiful that has this passionate sport called poker.-

Congratulations, TheIrish77!
We all know how hard you have been working on improving your skills in the game. Your determination to attain your goal has been commendable. We wish you all the best for your future.

Thanks guys apprecitae the kind words.

@ Mober your're right mate I'm finally winning and it's these low level stakes. Could have scored much more in the 5.50$ buy-in's but didn't capitalize n the opportunities and the good spots i had.

Just cashed again this time a 45 man 0.50c turbo on stars and finished 3rd/45 for 3.34$. Had the chip lead on the final table but made a mistake r 2 and just couldn't recover. Still another 2.80 $ profit so not lal is bad.

Might call it a night and come back early tomorrow morning.

Night all and good luck out there on those tables!

Another fine set of results for you and its nice to see you running deep in these tournaments. To get to two final tables is an achievement not to be sniffed at and you should be very proud of the way you are playing

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters
TheIrish77 is the man to watch out is on a great poker performance putting reslts after results that is amazing and a plesure to see a fellow mobster crashing the pokerstars tournament Worship Worship
So if you cross with him at the tables be affraid ,be very affraid Worship Worship
Congrats once again keep up the good work

well done irish, what an excellent result I might say, you determination and endurance is a great example to other poker players on this forum and on the entire internet. may other be inspired and also complete their mission of profit. you are a true grinder. awesome results as always. and also in the future have a good run Thumbs Up

Posted by TheIrish77:
Might play some more later on but for now satisfied with my gains and performance and will enjoy the evening with the lady.!

Good job, nice return on investment and the most important part that you enjoyed it! Thumbs Up

I bubbled the final table twice yesterday, so couldnt match your efforts, however my 7th placing paid the same as 6th both so not completely upset

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