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Been playing a small 0.55 cent on demand 25$ gtd on ACR and am now 1/5 with decent chip lead. only 97 runners in this one but it was unlimited re-buys so just over 12$ up top. Again not much but a win is a win no matter what the pay out is!

Also top 4 in a 750 gtd 1.10 buy-in on Party with only 1 bullet fired and and 1 add-on so far.

Could be a good day boys and girls!

Wish me luck i'll be back!

1/3 now 60k more than 2nd chip lead

Just hit a huge hand all in preflop to take chip lead also in the Party Poker 1.10 Flyweight 750$ gtd rebuy. Again only the 1 bullet and 1 addon so far so only 2.20$ investment with 187$ up top but bound to go up to more than 275$ with add-on and rebuys still available.

Look like i picked the right MTT to try out and hope to all finish out the 55 cent ACR MTT still 1/3 at break.

Good runs keep going please!

JUST TOOK IT DOWN! ACR 50 cent buy-in 25 gtd an djust over 12$ up top!

Again it's not the amount but the title that feels good !

Good to finally take another one down and now have a decent BR from all the freeroll cashes collected so far.

maybe play some decent MTT this weekend and really try to mae a run on ACR

Just hit the add-on after late registration now 7/125. should be a top 3 stack nut pocket QQ lost vs 66 with a runner runner straight for the villain. Still made up for it and got back some chips so still near the top end of the run.

Good runs continue pleae and hope to make 1 more final table before calling it quits.

Still Some work to do though so time to concentrate.

Be back when i get closer to cashing.

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 September 2017 @ 17:46 GMT)

Well, with the results you keep getting, it was meant to come Smile
And of course it wont be the last one of yours, finishing in first place.
You only have to stay focused on the game, after a long play, that you usually
ruining your good run Smile
Congratulations, with even bigger prizes in your future.

Thanks Mober appreciate the kind words Mate.

Yeah concentration is probably the issue later on in the day. I do smoke weed while playing so maybe that's one of the culprits.

I'll try not to write anymore for a while and totally lock in on what im doing to try to take it all down again

Back into 1st place after this hand held up. Back at it again boys and girls!

Man getting serious now.

1/67 with top 36 paid out.

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 September 2017 @ 18:13 GMT)

Well i have read all of your posts regarding tournament results.
I dont remember ever reading, that you smoke weed during your play Smile
As you say, it may be the reason.
Just do some test runs, with and without it to get a better idea Smile

Good luck, take this one down too Thumbs Up

i've actually mentioned a couple of times previously but hey it could very well have an influence but i'm getting good results just not great ones yet.

back into 2nd with only 30 to go. now locked up 6.06$ but obviously playing for the title!

Just hit trip deuces on flop against top pair good kicker and took his chips to climb back into it!

2/27 now at break and almost got a big chunk right before with 2 pair against 1 pair but turn and river paired higher board and split pot. would have added another 67k to stack too bad. would've been chip leader on final 3 tables.

Time to take a breather and finish strong.

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 September 2017 @ 18:58 GMT)

Then its just my memory Smile
Just hang on there, you are close.

1/23 now after hitting trip 9's preflop agsint villain and it helg against AJ top pair. Man this is much more fun than losing lol.

1/10 Now boys and girls ! It's a 6-max so still 4 more to go till final tbale hype begins.

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 September 2017 @ 19:27 GMT)

Now tell us the most interesting moments in this game. Wonderful. You should make videos and post them here in The BankrollMob or on youtube if you want to follow many players amateurs or weak. If you are successful you can earn some extra money with the videos. Anyway more succes in future. Big Smile

1 more time today boys and girls!


Again your boy TheIrish77 has managed to somehow lockdown a second final table after winning a MTT on ACR earlier.

Sitting 2/5 now but very much in it for the victory! 51.31$ locked up so far for top 5 finish.

on break now and just dropped some chips over a few hands, Down to 4/5 now with just 280k. lost about half my stack not playing solid cards, like i've been doing the whole run. need to focus now more than ever and start climbing back up near leaders.

UGH i need to get this one done and make it a great day overall.

3/4 now and another ladder up. now locked up 74.64$ USD.

Been a good day and one more ladder would be great. over 100$ us if make top 3.

back in 1st !

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 September 2017 @ 20:13 GMT)

TheIrish77, you have been playing pretty well on both partypoker and Americas Cardroom. All of your tireless efforts and dedication have come to fruition. Please take good care of yourself and keep climbing the ladder of success.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (29 September 2017 @ 08:46 GMT)

It's seems that you are running hot TheIrish77 lately , seen some other topics about your winnings . Keep the good work up and let's see some more deep runs from you Blink

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