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Hey boys and girls hope everyone's doing well it's your boy TheIrish77 back at it today after working the past 4 days and looking to play a bit of cards today.

Just sat down to my favourite Tourney on Party Poker the featherweight: 750$ gtd Rebuy 6-Max and already have jumped up into 2nd chip position for the whole run!

Great start after having to reload a few times due to some unlucky rivers early on but held it together and have gotten some timely cards so far.

Wish me luck boys and girls and hope everyone's on the right path today!

well since you asked to wish you luck I rush as the first dude to wish you best of luck possible. I like when someone asks for a favor which doesn't cost a penny, say in this instance you didn't ask for five bucks but only to wish you good luck... so here it goes again- best of luck the irish dude

Thanks Pochui! I'll try to make you guys proud today and take this one dowen or atleast get near that final table!.

Now into 2nd chip position in this run and looking good wit hover 24K stack currently. Chip leader has 29K so not so far behind that i can't make a move to get on top and really bully my tables mates around.

Now sitting 9/42 with top 30 getting paid out in this run.

Had a couple of big hands recently after falling way down wit ha couple of bad play but have rebounded to put myself in decent position now.

Getting closer to cashing so that's good.

As an added bonus there's a 8.80$ Ttile fight ticket added to whoever makes final table which is a nice bonus if you can get there.

Ouch just got a walk with Pocket Kings right before bubble so nobody wanted to take chance.


Just cashed now and sitting 16/30.

out in 29th. Got AQ and got called by A7 and he hit 7 on flop and that's it. F me. should've been a much more profitable run.

A7 jeez.

Atleast I'm back on winning ways so maybe can parlay this into bigger win tonight.

I'm also playing the later 750$ GTD rebuy and have top 20 Stack currently and can maneuver around a bit.

Tough break losing to A freakin 7 but hey them da breaks sometimes.

Edited by TheIrish77 (18 October 2017 @ 18:57 GMT)

I was wondering what happened and you werent posting for that long.
I thought you just had a bad run. But thankfully it was just work Smile
Good coming back cashing again, with the no doubt favorite game of yours.
No better way starting your poker day.
Better luck with the other game.

Wow! The ace of Spades, the most beautiful card in the deck, on the river! That was a nice river card for you. Your Ace Queen versus your opponent's Ace Seven was really unfortunate. Better luck next time.

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