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Your boy TheIrish77 playing some late night tourneys and got a good one going to talk about.

Sitting 7/22 with more than 29$ locked up so almost 3x my buy.

Wish me luck guys to fast to type more.


That's right your boy is back at it and have managed one more final table to his resume!

Crazy rungood continues and hope to turn this into another big BR booster!

Sitting 6 of 6 but now have 99.97$ locked up!

Out in 6th as i was the smallest stack by alot. Still made 99.79$ for my troubles which has a profit of 88.79$.

Another strong run and great boost to the confidence and BR!

Might jump on a few more before the night's over with

Can't believe some of the results coming my way and to think another final table, crazy.

Thanks for whoever may have railed or read this post.

TheIrish out!

Edited by TheIrish77 (20 December 2017 @ 06:52 GMT)

Another massive effort by you and a very nice return on your investment. You are having a very good run of late and you must be really happy with your game. Keep building the bankroll and long may it continue

congratulations .... this time is really a very good result .... of course this is not the first place but still the final table is very nice .... of course on this final table it flew first but still it's good money ... I wish good luck in future tournaments and maybe you will soon climb to the top

I see this time you went to a higher buy in than your normal ones.
But at the end it paid of, for your troubles, once more.
Good to see you are having good results even in higher limits.
You will be able to make them steady after a while.

Nice score there TheIrish it's a pity you couldn't have got a couple of places higher but there's always next time.I'm sure it wont be long untill you bink one of those bigger buy ins.
GL Thumbs Up

Gratz, that´s what i say in the last posts: you are not far away from the next final table Blink And nearly $100 bucks in this $11 hyper turbo at Stars are a good push for your bankroll and motivation. And the next step was a tourney winning, i wish you a good hand Thumbs Up

This is an incredible achievement by TheIrish77. Congratulations to TheIrish77 on making a deep run in the $1,500 guaranteed tournament on PokerStars. His journey to international stardom has just begun.

Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
His journey to international stardom has just begun.

it seems to me that it is quite possible ... a person plays regularly and regularly takes prizes .... this indicates that he is a really good player and luck also helps him in the game .... maybe soon we'll all see him in the big tournaments and there he will also receive a profit .... good luck to him Thumbs Up

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