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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and hope everyone had themselves a wonderful holidays and that life and tables have been treating everyone well.

2nd day back on the tables and didn't do too well the other day but didnt lose all that much.

Today could be a much different story though.

Down to the last 130 runners in the Hot 0.55 cent and siting top 20 atm. been some big hands hold up. Had Aces then Kings within 3 hands and got paid off each tie and am using those chips to climb near top now.

Hope to make this a legendary run and bink this biatch!

gl man

What afew hands i just got and now chip leader in this one!

and then this for chip lead!

Down to last 84 now!

Just went over a milly chips now and 1 of 53 after these hands held up for me !

Running like a god atm.

what a hero call just made and now have 700K more than 2nd place.

Had AK and missed flop but raised and got reraised by a push. called and he turns over A8 and i hold to win it!

Now massive chip leader with 35 to go!

Posted by Sandmanilo:
gl man

Thanks mate might be the day.

3 of 21 now. lost a few chips With AJ suited all in against AA preflop.

Oh well still great spot here for your boy TheIrish77.

Be back in a bit. Just hit break now.

Just made huge mistake preflop with 99 and am out now. Kings held and i was left with 10k and gone.

Perfect play unti lthe end i blow it. gross feeling. thought i was over this s**t already. thought the new year would be better for my late collapses, guess not.

Out in 15th for a payout of 5.26$ but obviously not what i was playing for. 1 mistake.

Edited by TheIrish77 (08 January 2018 @ 22:07 GMT)

Well all what it takes is to have one unlucky hand to get out of the tournament ... Still i find a good result to get so deep in the tourney where is a bunch of people , so keep your head up and the results will come !

Gratz for this first good tourney for you in the new year! I wish you a good hand for your next games and a big winning in one of the next tourneys Thumbs Up You are not far away from a big winning in the past and i´m sure that you have a good run in the next times again.

You dint do bad, you got a profit there, a good one for yout buy in.
So you have started the new year good.
As for the late play, i guess you are still stuck with it.
You should have made a new years resolution about it Smile

I've noticed that you often run very good until the moment when last 2-3 tables left, and then bust. Maybe you should work on it. I don't know what your place was before that hand, but your and that guys stacks were almost equal, in that situation I would not shove with 99's.. It's a coinflip in its best, not much players would go all-in at this point of tourney with a pair worse than yours. Good luck mate, hope you score a huge win soon.

Congratulations to our fellow mobster TheIrish77 on finishing in 15th place in the $1,000 guaranteed tournament at PokerStars. It takes a tremendous effort to navigate your way through a field of over 3,000 players.

another good place for our member TheIrish77 and again big place for him!to finish at 15th place from almost 3500 players is great,but once again just so close to final table,like in last weeks!come on,just make this last move and come till final table!

AJs vs 99
- What a gutsy call with AJs!
AJo vs A9o
- Some player fancies A9o so much.
JJ vs A3o
- Easy call.
83s vs AKo
- Bingo!
A8s vs QQ
- LOL at your poor opponent who limped QQ preflop and miniraised flop.

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