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Hey boys and girls trying to grab another Sunday Storm ticket through a satellite.

Currently 5 of 9 remaining. 146 entries for this on so not too big.

out in 6th : (.

AK has now lost 11 straight times for me. I s h i t you not.

Yout i can't believe this. I know everyone said to not lay it down but how can i not at this point ?

I can't keep blowing these chances when i get htis hand. it does nothing for me most of the time except over excited when it comes.

I need to chill out smoke one cause the amount of bad beats i've taken today is enough to make a man jump form a rooftop. And some people say i should go up in stakes, why so i can lose even more cash?

Night all.

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How did it play out? Were you 1st into the pot? Did you open shove? did you call in all in? 1 player or more? did it go to a flop?

Top 5 were too close with only 3 qualifying to lay it down under normal circumstances... ie, 4 previous all ins... or 2 of the players with more chips already all in...

Wow buddy today has been no different then all the rest. Does not matter how i play a hand, I have been ahead preflop on like 85% of the time and have lost every time today. I thought yesterday was bad but it's been worse today so far.

I can't wrap mey head around what's really happening here cause it feels like I'm playing perfect poker most of the time and just nothing works out when it matters most ie. ITM and deep.

Therapy session in need before I jump. Thank god for playing Micros cause if this type of s**t happens in higher stakes I would've killed myself or quit long ago.

I have experienced several bad stretches lately. I lost a majority of coinflips (ex. AK vs TT, 77 vs AQ, etc.), got beaten by inferior hands (ex. QQ vs JJ, AK vs KQ, etc.) seemingly incessantly, got dominated from preflop to river (ex. 55 vs 88, KQ vs AQ, etc.). But there is always light at the end of the long and tortuous tunnel...

good job m8


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