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Army veteran takes down armed Batman robber in Casino

A former U.S. Army veteran is speaking in public for the first time regarding his dramatic actions to thwart an armed robbery ploy last year at a small German casino where he worked. Elliot Montalvan, age 35, said that at first he thought somebody was trying to prank him when last summer, a man wearing a Batman mask, ski mask, gloves and scarf went into the gambling hall located in the small Bava[...]   Read more » Army veteran takes down armed Batman robber in Casino

Army veteran takes down armed Batman robber in Casino  0   
Wow, well done to this guy and he really did show a great deal of bravery. I do not think that i would have been that brave in this situation and i hope he gets some kind of reward for his actions

Some times the training helps, like in this case.
While he wasnt "obligated" to try and stop him, since the robber was armed
and he was only an employee there, he actually did it.
Well done for him.

But i completely disagree with his statement :
"I never thought that what I learned could one day really save your life. I never realized it until this night."
The only thing he did was risking his life, for nothing.
He could have avoided the confrontation.

it was a very bad day for the criminal .... of course he did not expect that he would be resisted .... but it was all different ..... of course this man is very brave and desperate to confront the robber, but apparently he had an instinct and he did everything automatically .... the hero is real

It must have been a Michael Keaton wanna be under that Batman mask Smile Lol
I am glad he was stopped before he hurt anyone.
I hope he get punished harshly in prison Blink
Hi batman, i'm bubba, you sure are a pretty little thing.
come here batman lets you and me be friendly together. Lol

that yes and a hero who learned to do the same so that he was trained worse for the thief who was injured and did not get the player money hahahhahah that stop ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

to be able to attack an armed individual you need to have a training proper because you can lose your life with such specimens. The risk is very high if the attacker is strong and knows a little bit of fighting. This man could risk his life in case the attacker was ready to shoot. Deserves praise for his courage and a reward i think. Smile

Elliot Montalvan risked his own life to save others. A big salute to him for his courage and bravery. The 48-year-old perpetrator has been sentenced to 39 months in prison? I have no knowledge of criminal law in Germany, but the punishment seems lenient.

Ofcourse A former U.S. Army veteran they rock and will kick youre nuts iff you do a crime and they can cath u they will do that,..because the pros in handling stuff like this ore similar,..
Atleast they dont have fear ,..just another day in combat,.
Respekt for the army and there veterans Worship Worship Worship

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