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Hey boys and girls just hit the cash in this run and have some chips to play with.

Made one mistake so far and cost me around 100k off my stack otherwise pretty solid so far.

I'll update if anything meaningful happens.

GL GL ship it!!!

Just hit the break and now down to last 101 players from 1159 entries.

Sitting in 52nd of 101 after taking big hit to stack with AK vs QQ and them hitting set on flop and me dead pretty much. But managed to win some chips back and double back up with A5 vs K10s and nobody hitting anything an me doubling.

AK really playing some tricks fr me today and costing many chips.

Had another great run cut down so ugly in a $2.50 180 player turbo when AA vs KK vs Q10 and KK spikes river set to crush my dreams. would've been chip leader almost 3-1 at that pont but managed to finish top 18 for profit atleast.

Be back later on with another update.

My dude you are my idol mang!

Another great treat for your recent great run. Good luck again mate and mash that tourney!

blew up out in around 80th for 13$. another profit but can't seem to get over hump to make real money.

Edited by TheIrish77 (23 February 2018 @ 22:20 GMT)

Hello the Irish77...
Any new updates yet, still in the tournament,.
Hope tommorow i see a reply,..with awesome news that you bag some nice amount off hard csh Dollar Dollar
Gl with the tournament iff you still in ,..and good luck with the other games you going to play,..
May the pokergods be with u Thumbs Up

You busted early this time, but still, you made a decent profit for your buy in.
And this tournament has lots of players, over 1k of them.
SO it is not such an easy task to final table.
Besides your A game you need plenty of luck too.
Better luck in your next game.

Well done to TheIrish77 on finishing in the money in the US$4,000 guaranteed tournament. US$13 is not a bad return on your little investment. It must have been appalling when a 2-outer King spiked on the river.

13 $ its okay iff you got youre money back i guess,..
But its a shame you didnt get any further,..
I use to play the 60 k 1.10 rebuy,..
Sometimes with a nice stack,...but seems that game never suits me cus i always busted with the best hand before the flops and then loose
Big Smile Aww crap!

Maybe you should change your game, playing less hands all in preflop Smile
But there are times any hands you get, busting.
You need to be lucky too.
Try changing the site also. Some times it helps.

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