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Hi boys and girls long time no speak! Hope all my fellow forum freinds are really doing well and happy with life.

Your boy TheIrish77 is back with ya and taking it to the tables tonight.

Currently sitting in top chip spot with only 48 players remaining and already over 13$ locked up in KO's so far which is tops at this time.

Here are a few key hands along the way that gave me my momentum... Super lucky turn for me !!

Be back whe nwe get closer to last few tables if I can hang on that is.

Just hit a break adn still managing to hang on to top chip spot!

Now down to last 29 players from 568 runners. Just played this hand to grab to pstack once again...

Could be the night guys !

Just lost this big flip

now in 12th with 26 left to go.

Big momentum change in the wrong direction : (

10 of 14 now with $ 19.03 in KO's and over 8$ payout.


that's right your boy TheIrish77 is back on a final table finally after a long hiatus.

Sitting 6 of 9 now.

Just knocked the bubble boy out so added some more to my KO totals and now have earned 22.31$ in Ko's alone and have locked up another $15.38 in winnings so over 37$ for this run!

well didn't win this time but managed a decent payout for my play tonight.

Decent run and good BR builder for a buy-in of only $3.30 and Took home $49.67.

Will be off tomorrow and back on tomorrow night and hope for some decent posts and deep runs.

Night all and thanks to anyone who may have railed me.

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 March 2018 @ 06:54 GMT)

Nice score there TheIrish,well played,it's always good to boost the bankroll and get the lift when you hit the final table.good fortune to you for the next 1 . Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It's nice to see you back and playing so well again. To reach any final table of any tournament is a very good achievement. You have added a nice addition to your bankroll and i hope you can keep it going. Well done again mate

Good job Irish,..every cash counts,..iff u win this amount everyday,..
you would be building youre bankroll to huge amount Thumbs Up

long time did not see you here dude ... in the beginning I missed some time and then you were not ..... I thought about you and missed your messages ... and here you are again ... and as usual with news of your good game .... I congratulate you on the next achievements and good luck.

Good work, TheIrish! It's nice to see you again here posting about your results, and congratulations on your winnings. Amazing profit. Will be waiting for your next live coverage! Worship

AQo vs QQ, KQo
- Wow, you got very lucky.
AQo vs 77, A4s
- LOL at the player 7.
77 vs Q9s, AA
- Wow, nice.
QQ vs JJ, A8o
- Well done.
ATo vs K8o
- Easy call.
AKs vs QQ, KQs
- Ouch.

Very well done, TheIrigh77. Good luck with your next session!

Congratulations. $ 50 dollars for 3.30 is good performance. One always has the thorn of not having been able to achieve better prizes, but you have to see the positive side. Good tournament, good luck in the next. To look for better prizes!
I love bountys, but I prefer Omaha!

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