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Monday freeroll in Party ....missing!  0   
Anybody knowed something about it? Anybody could played it? I´m ever alert about the Bank Roll Mob Freeroll because I didn´t customize my schedule to the new stage of the year. But I looked for it and there was not.
Mr Administrator perhaps you have to do a visit to them and explain what should be happen! Big Smile

We messed up when adding the new freerolls, they were supposed to be Sunday freerolls for $200 Smile

The $250 Monday freerolls will be added later.

Are these only for mobsters who registered to Party through this site (so their accs BRM tracked), right? I remember trying to hop on one of these but did not let me because my acc was not eligible.

The $200 freerolls on Sundays are only for tracked players. The $250 freerolls (usually 2 every month) are open to everyone (just password required) Smile

Thomas Mob Admin

But...I played a few $ 250 Monday freeroll in the last 2 or 3 month. I wrote about this in somes threads and make advises to another mobers about it. This is a new Bank Roll Mob´s politics or a puntual miss?
I leave evidence that I am not contradicting to the great and better man Mr Administrator...God forbid it!!!! Big Smile

hello my friends and fellow mobsters

How what memories those tournaments bring Big Smile Big Smile was a real deleite to play those games but the stupid politicians from my country blocked the game of poker do to no regulation and now we are stuck only with pokerstars Aww crap! Aww crap!

Maybe one day thay will be back

Hi av1966, what a shame! If you have only Poker Star to play on line, it´s seem when I was a child (before you born) and the TV in my country was in black and white Big Smile
And, as I hearded, in your neighborhood (Spain) the things are not better! Help
I wish a few poker´s room pay for the license and growth the offer!
Good luck!

Black and white tv. What a memory Smile
I consider myself lucky that i lived through the transition.
It was like magic, no matter what you were watching, for quite some time, after we got
our first color tv, when i was a kid Smile

Yep, when I was a kid (6 years old) my father brought on his back (he was too anxious to wait the business´s transport) our first TV B&W. I swear you that this was a hiper magical/lucky event! Have a TV in our neighbourhood was a rarely thing. All the guys on my block came to my house the thursday afternoon to see "Cisco Kid" Smile

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