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Hey boys and girls long time no talk. hope all my favourite forumites are doing well and properong during this years SCOOP and Powerfest.

Just cashed in the Powerfest # 26 2K Gtd (PKO Smooth)

Sitting 90 of last 220 roughly and only i KO but somehow have more than 750K stack.

Also just got cashed a home game SCOOP give away by Spraggy on twitch and still going. it's a minimum 2.20$ buy-in ticket so i'll take it but rather have the 11$ for next ladder.

Wish me luck guys.

Dont know what lever are the blinds at the moment, but your stack looks a good one Smile
Keep up the good work with a good finish, preferably in the final table Smile
Play your a game and all will end good, i hope Smile
Good luck Thumbs Up

Good luck homie! stay on range and dont make dumb moves for bounties! you got this take it down for the BRM squad Cool

Thanks boys. Dow to last 20 BB now.

Last 129 runners. still some work to do but need some hands soon or might have to take shot with not so great hand.

Bam just flopepd set and got called off. triple up basically now up to over 1.7milly.

40/121 Now and good shot with that hold.

***** Hand History for Game 17288489992 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $1.10 USD Buy-in Trny:170939081 Level:40 Blinds-Antes(17K/34K -3.9K) - Thursday, May 10, 16:26:21 EDT 2018
Table Powerfest #26-Mi. $2K Gtd [PKO Smooth] (170939081) Table #68 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 8/8
Seat 6: DontBluffvsMe ( 1,347,077 )
Seat 8: Pianek ( 2,981,894 )
Seat 4: TheIrish77 ( 630,682 )
Seat 1: Varajic ( 363,442 )
Seat 5: cosmicfirework ( 1,350,904 )
Seat 3: iYaycash ( 1,070,759 )
Seat 2: logistik01 ( 3,220,237 )
Seat 7: pontvadasz77 ( 1,002,297 )
Trny:170939081 Level:40
Blinds-Antes(17,000/34,000 -3,900)
Varajic posts ante [3,900]
logistik01 posts ante [3,900]
iYaycash posts ante [3,900]
TheIrish77 posts ante [3,900]
cosmicfirework posts ante [3,900]
DontBluffvsMe posts ante [3,900]
pontvadasz77 posts ante [3,900]
Pianek posts ante [3,900]
iYaycash posts small blind [17,000].
TheIrish77 posts big blind [34,000].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to TheIrish77 [ 4c 4d ]
cosmicfirework raises [72,500]
DontBluffvsMe folds
pontvadasz77 calls [72,500]
Pianek calls [72,500]
Varajic folds
logistik01 folds
iYaycash folds
TheIrish77 calls [38,500]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4h, Ad, 7c ]
TheIrish77 checks
cosmicfirework bets [102,000]
pontvadasz77 calls [102,000]
Pianek calls [102,000]
TheIrish77 calls [102,000]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6s ]
TheIrish77 checks
cosmicfirework checks
pontvadasz77 checks
Pianek checks
** Dealing River ** [ 2c ]
TheIrish77 is all-In [452,282]
cosmicfirework folds
pontvadasz77 calls [452,282]
Pianek folds
TheIrish77 shows [ 4c, 4d ]three of a kind, Fours.
pontvadasz77 shows [ 9c, 9s ]a pair of Nines.
TheIrish77 wins 1,650,764 chips from the main pot with three of a kind, Fours.

Edited by TheIrish77 (10 May 2018 @ 20:29 GMT)

Really nice hand therre! keep up now

a win with three quads is a sure success .... two nines lost to an opponent .... you were lucky and I wish you luck in the next distribution ..... let's win the tournament .... a long time you were not here and I again see you are here ... very good that you are doing well and you continue to play

now at break and sitting 35 of 76 left to go. Should have been higher but made stupid play.

Posted by TheIrish77:
now at break and sitting 35 of 76 left to go. Should have been higher but made stupid play.

Hope it turned out okay though. I was rooting for you.

I too don't know how you finish the irish, hope that the results you get is fantastic and maybe you win all tournament and now get a lot of rest after do much emotion. Good thing is that you are in the money already

So didn't end up taking it down if you guys couldn't figure it out. Had to actually leave my place around 6:30pm est our time for dinner plans and I forgot how long Party MTT's run for and made a push with about 60 left with pocket 8's into JJ and some other hand. he hit trips on flop I turned trips and down to last 600 k then just pushed any cards and lost. out in 52ns for very small payout for time played.

oh well another decent run.

Thanks for following along guys maybe next one will be around the corner.

Congratulations, TheIrish77, for finishing the $2,000 guaranteed tournament in 52th place. Consistent effort adds up and makes a difference in the long run. Good luck making the final table in your next tournament.

Yeah, congrats nevertheless. These tournies all about collecting bounties, because good money will only going to the top5, sometimes top3 players so thats really not kuch else you could do besides knocking others out.

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