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Things you ought to know about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup shall be held from June 14 to July 15 in Russia. Starting from June 14 to July 15, 2018, the greatest soccer players in the world shall gather together in Russia for yet another FIFA World Cup event. The tournament returns to Europe for the first time since it was held in Germany back in 2006. Just like every year, there's no shortage of soccer-related stori[...]   Read more » Things you ought to know about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

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Things you ought to know about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia  0   
well I guess that it will be another chance to watch some great football once the season of football is over... kinda extension of the football season in a way. of course more at stake and probably a few bets will be fired away and lost from moi along the way...

Not a chance to watch football, but a chance to place some small bets Smile
A couple of parlay ones also.
Not the best results so far from games like the world cup, but it never hurts trying,
for a payout Smile

It's hard to predict many matches from this World Cup. It's much easier to do it in the European Cups because there you know many teams but at the Russian edition of World Cup there are many countries about which you do not know many things. Anyway i prefer to win a country from Europe.

Looking forward to this tourney, even if some top teams are missing out on it, and some stars may miss it due to injury. Will be difficult for the host to make it even out of the group stage tho.

The best sport in the world, and the best competition of all! Let's go Uruguay!
It will be a nice month to shorten the winter (at least here in South America). Any game is worth watching, and in some maybe bet. But do not trust! Choose games carefully, sometimes surprising results are given.
My favorite groups:
A: Uruguay- Russia
B: Spain Portugal
C: France Peru (although it is difficult without P. Guerrero)
D: Croatia Argentina
E: Brazil Switzerland
F: Germany Sweden
G: Belgium England
H: Colombia Poland

it is a great pity that I can not see this wonderful event at the stadium .... it was very difficult to buy tickets for the games .... but in any case it is a wonderful event and in my city of St. Petersburg there will be a lot of interesting events besides the games .. I will be near and enjoy this

I cannot wait for the World Cup to start and i will be glued to most games. The introduction of VAR should be interesting and controversial at times as well. I will be having a small bet on France to win

I too will watch many games, maybe not all because some matches from start of tournament is not very interesting, but from when countries qualify from group then all games are interesting and i will watch all of them

I'm not the fan of any team at this tournament World Cup 2018. I could predict who would win this world but honestly i was not to be interested by the players of Germany or Spain because in my opinion they are the ones who have the most chances. South American teams will have a hard job if they want to win the final.

I agree that Germany is the great candidate, but I think France is more candidate than Spain, which is a tremendous team anyway.
Anyway, the South Americans have good teams. You say Brazil is not a candidate? Difficult to leave it out of these competitions. While I agree that Germany is better than Brazil, I would put him as the second candidate, in addition to the good players he has, they have an excellent coach.

I think it is very hard for the South Americans to win and is not impossible of course but after Spain and Germany. To win, Argentine, Brazil or another South American team need to fight very hard with my favorites or with anothers europeans teams because the rest of the world can not to win World Cup in this moment. First chance Europeans second chance South Americans.

I am a bit surprised that Germany is seen is one of the hot favorites. The team is not as strong as in 2014. A few key players quit, others got older and more injury prone, while the promises for the futere from 2014 didn't even make the squad this time. In the last test games a loss against Brasil and a flattening draw against Spain. Both games at home. Will struggle to make it past the quarterfinal.

we must consider that those parties were friendly. when they are for the cup, Germany is another totally different one. In addition to Brazil they played with an almost alternative team and lost just 1-0. Germany is always favorite regardless of the years. It was never about having great individualities, but a perfect collective game. and that I still see that they have it

I will watch whole world cup,even I dont expect much for serbia,because they can play bad and good and thats why I dont watch them a lot in last years!only red star as club,but national teams disappointed us so many times,that I cant expect anything from them!

There are few nationalities who have been remarked in these preliminaries with the solidity of their game and one of them is Brasil. Many betting houses say Brasil is favorite but in important matches with European teams she is scared. If Brasil continues in this way they will lose again of course.

my favorite teams by groups to go to the 8th finals of the world cup are
Group A: Russia, Uruguay
Group B: Portugal, Spain
Group C: France, Denmark
Group D: Argentina, Croatia,
Group E: Brazil, Serbia
Group F: Germany, Mexico,
Group G: Belgium, England
Group H: Poland, Colombia,

to my great regret and sorrow the team of Russia is very weak now ... the head coach because of conflicts in the past did not take the best Russian midfielder in the team ... and this speaks of his shortsightedness and stupidity .... so I think that the team Russia can not even leave the group ... it's sad

First you have to play the games. Russia starts with Saudi Arabia and I think it's a good match to win the 3 points that give you some peace of mind. Uruguay plays against Egypt, and their fearsome Mo Salah, but in reality after him, Egypt does not have a great team.
I see Russia moving to eighths. I wish Uruguay too.
They face in the 3rd round, and I hope that by that date the 2 classified

pajalnick I think you are right,that russia dont have some play and that probably they wouldnt even be at world cup,if they are not hosts!but I wish luck to our brother country and hope that you will get out of group at least!
hope that whole world cup will be interesting for watching!

My favorite group qualifiers are:
Grupa A Russia and Uruguay
Grupa B Portugal and Spain
Grupa C France and Denmark
Grupa D Argentina and Iceland
Grupa E Brazil and Switzerland
Grupa F Germany and Mexico
Grupa G Belgium and England
Grupa H Poland and Colombia

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