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Someone already facing issue with Echeck deposit?  0   
Hey guys,

i just want to know if someone on this forum already facing issue with Echeck deposit on any site using this platform method of payment?

I speak about error, bug or failed transaction you ever faced in the past.

All the best


I think E-check is the only way to go in my opinion. I have no extra charges and instant deposit whenever i want it. money usually comes out of account with-in 3-4 business days not counting weekends.

Never have i had any issue and would highly recommend to any poker player on this site.

Unless you have make a bad deposit and do not have funds to cover your deposit that's the only issue that can come up for a e-check depositor.

Hope this helps

Unfortunately I used this method to deposit on Friday and I received an error message.

(An error occured, transaction declined, please try again later)

My error is to not have take the proper screenshot at this moment.

But do we have to trust our prefered casino?

I have try 4 time in the day and i received the same error message.

Few days after i get my bank account charged and without my consenement.

Casino dont know how to help me case are in investigation currently.

I just want to know if that happen to someone on friday or in the past.

I used this method all the time for deposit without error.

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For sure the site that you play on also dictates the trust of the transaction. I only play on PS, Partyso i have no worries of any worng doing on there part.

Hope that helps you mate

Site very trusty, thats the matter.

Problem are not came from the staff is really the script who result in a error in IPN or connectivity issue.

Upon deposit the server side approuved the transaction but in client side i get different notification.

i am website dev my self.

I have always used in the process whether the withdrawal of funds only for PP .. in this version I have the opportunity to play my ljubimye Ingri ... Sith ngo .. poetoi probably to the most prikochemnye play on 666 pokeruyuyu have the opportunity to play poker ... my opinion

Better try to communicate about it with the site you were trying to deposit,
to see what exactly is going on.
Also try to reach that echeck site, inquiring what is going on with your money.
It is stuck some where...

Update 2018-06-30

The site is trusted, the support has answered all my requests quickly and solved the problem.

So if I can give something for mob it's to make a video or take pictures when you deposit or withdraw money.

If you have technical difficulty notify the site quickly.

Thank you all for your support.

Have a pleasant late evening.


All the best Smile

Good thing you managed to get everything solved.
You have already many problems with not being able to use skrill and netteler there,
so having payment methods that you can trust and be fast, is a must.

its a good thing youre problem is solved,..
nothing is worse then getting youre money stuck in the world wide web,..
i had it a few times with skrill,..but its always solved quikly,..
so i cant complain,..but i never used youre deposit method

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