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Daily Irish77 Tourney Updates In Here!   0   
Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and playing some Party Poker again as I'm running half decent on there platform and will continue to try to grow the BR on there for a while.

Had some bad breaks earlier on in the day and have been bounced from a few runs already so this could be a big day saver!

Playing 4 Tournaments at the moment and have a stack very big Stack already in one of them.

The Deepstack 1K gtd NLHE on Party and now sitting 5/269 at the current break. 20 levels of Reg in this one and now around 17 so still some time but have already situated myself very well for potential deep run.

I have no commitments tonight and told the GF that she all alone and don't bother me when you get home today lol. She agreed cause she likes money just as much as they next one.

Let's hope i can focus for the 6 hours and really take one down today!

Wish me luck guys the run good continues.

Holy s h i t now sitting 3rd! in another run a power turbo 750$ gtd! sitting 3 of 22 with top 16 paid 184$ up top for winner so could be very nice day with final table in this run.

More work too be done but man it's getting real again. hope i can hold it all together down the stretch and just play my A game.

Now 4 of 15 ITM with 15.03$ locked up so far.

Back to the game

Wow what a blow up again this time out in 13t for a payout of 15.03 so gutted played perfectly then blah!

Edited by TheIrish77 (12 July 2018 @ 19:04 GMT)

Yes it is situation i too have some times, it look like very good tournament and i play good, but then on e bad hand where luck is not to me, and i am out. But this is poker there are bad timed and you have to still play and do all

Well when you don't succeed in life try try again and that's what i'm tryign to do. put the bad endings behind me and play some good poker once again.

Now CHIP LEADER in The Thursday Major 3K gtd!

Hit a couple of big hands and now upt top with more than a milly in chips !

1.35 Milly and still leading by about 200K.

Also just burst the bubble in The Deepstack 1K Gtd 1.50$ buy in and pays out 184.20$ for the win.

Could still be some big scores a head !

wow like that goone form the The Thursday Major.

Girlfriend walks through door way earlier then expected and brings some nasty ju ju with her and out.

Still Alive in the Deepstack 1K GTD atleast and sitting 17/36 now.

Need a good score to stop the bleeding today. down a bit now after not chasing some almost locks.

Edited by TheIrish77 (12 July 2018 @ 20:31 GMT)

well it's another frustrating night for you at the virtual felts the irish dudes by the looks of things. lots of potential, but that potential magically disappeared with a tiny help from lady luck, she doesn't like how you smell tonight I guess Big Smile ah well don't give up, if not today, some next day you will bink a big one Blink

Maybe it's time to spent your time with your GF, Irish after harvest for few days Big Smile Big Smile . Take a break totally sometimes will make us play better at next. Anyway I enjoyed heard some your poker progress Smile Good luck

You played so many multi-table tournaments yesterday.
I don't remember the last time I played online poker for long hours. I usually play cash games, a couple of single-table tournaments (Heads-up and/or Double or Nothing), and live dealer Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, etc., just to chill.

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