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I just readed one thread about changing an 25 gif card for cash at poker and didnt noticed even one answer thaths its illegal so i got just one question is at this forum trading for poker cash legal ?Im asking becouse evrywere else it means direct bannishment ?o.0 If its legal i can trade my PS cash for PP the reason why i wana do it is only becouse i got big win at PS casino and they dont want to rise up my withdraw imit wiych is only 750$weekly lol and i got 51k balance whats lovering evry day its just stronger then me xDDDi can give 10.50 for each 10 Big SmileD if its legal ofc ...

I dont play by stars,but i think they have player to player transfer there.So you must find a playes they will make it. And you can look by the withdraws by any sites you have different limits to cashout by a other withdraw options.
And you can login with you PS account by fulltilt maybe there you can more withdraw,but i dont play there since PS is buy Full Tilt.

And congrats for your big win

hehe i tryed this full tillt option but its unfortunally same limit Smile, i know there is transfer Player to player same is at partypoker thaths why it would be great but i trought such transfers between rooms are illegal... heh thanks firs time in my life had such win and did it by fucking mistake clicked not spin but instead "bet max" and free spin mode at first shoot i just cud not belive had stake 2$ and the max bet puted on lvl 10 from lvl 1<333

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How wonderful mistake!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big congratulation Big Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up I think you could request to increase withdraw limit, or patient Smile Smile since that miracle fortune you no need rush, lol. I don't think your money will disappear. Good luck next game Smile

Hehe i had the mistake 2 times in a real Casino and a online casino ,i made a bet for 27,50€ and win too the first round a few hunderts bucks,after a few Spins i made i See how much i have bet for one spins.
In the online Casino it was for a very long time too Spins for over 20$ and again around over 500$ .

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