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I've been interested in the Spin and Go because it seems that the rivals are pretty bad. There is not much information out there about the Spin & Go and I would be interested in some guide to start or a book if it already exists. I have found a kind of guide with information but I do not know if there is one more complete. They give me a hand? Smile

The best strategy is to play them aggressively with good hands raise 4x 5x the big blinds and then continue betting half and two thirds the pot at micro stakes and freerolls on Poker Stars are very bad players will call you down to river on a backdoor straight draws with one and two outers.

Well, I play the Jackpot Sit & Go games at Party Poker and I'm making a profit so I think I have a decent understanding of the game. They are kind of similar to the Poker Stars games and as vic says, you need to be aggressive with good hands. With that being said, you can't be stupid, it will only result in break even results, at best. You need to be able to adapt your game to different situations, even at the micro stakes. If you completely miss the flop with a AQ for example, and the board looks kinda dangerous, knowing that the fish call with almost anything, it's not a good idea to go guns blazing and just attack the pot. If you do, you may just end up losing more then what you could have won by doing so.

I would say that semi-aggressive is the way to go. And you need to adapt to your opponent, not all of them are donks that call everything, some of them are people who actually knows how to play but are just tight on cash. This means that to get a good reward, sometimes you need to slowplay and trap them. Based on this, something that's really important in these games are to keep notes on all of your opponents. Most of the people you play against have a sort of "neutral" play, but anytime that you notice anything that's a little bit out of the ordinary, make a note on that person! The next time you play him/her that note could help you win, but it could also help you determine if it was a one time thing or his regular gameplay.

This turned out to be a long post, but most imporant things to remember are:
* Play semi-aggressive
* Adapt to your opponents and don't assume that all of them are donks
* Keep notes on your opponents
* Have a healthy bankroll based on your buy-in, you need to be able to handle a big downswing!

Yes very good writing from erru, i like to read his tips and i think maybe to try and play some spin and go tournament, i try to play them soke time ago, but no luck and people ppay very stupid and inget nervous and lode

Posted by matiih17:
I've been interested in the Spin and Go because it seems that the rivals are pretty bad.

Not all of them are bad, but there are definitely higher differences between players on lower levels than on levels where the buyins past ten bucks.
Play ABC poker until the heads up, and then open up your pushing range even beyond your comfort zone. Make sure you keep takin' down most the tourneys with only 2x stakes at the prizepool so it will keep you afloat until you could actually catch one with a great prize (anything over 50x stake)...

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