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I was playing blackjack live and I don't hav3 much bankroll I did a 35$ 1 time bet dealer shows 7 and I got j 2 and I hit and got 8 =20 but the system glitched out and before the card came it was still telling me to hit so I clicked HIT again and then the 8 came and she gave me another 10 which makes me bust I sa8d NO in the chat and she looks at me funny why would I hit when I make 20 obviously was a mistake or glitch plus it not hard to make mistake and hit the butt0ns are so close together... What can I do about this am i fked or should I say something?

I dont think there is much you can do here.
You will have to provide some proof , like a video recording of your play,
in order for them, to consider the whole thing.
And of course you were at 20, so there was no reason hitting once more,
but that isnt a rule. They cant get as granted everyone stopping at 20 Smile
Kinda of a big bet there...

I had the same situation ... I played in an online casino and at the same time my computer slows down a little .... and when I hit the hit it probably did not work and I pressed it again ... it was 20 and the dealer asked - more? ?? .... and in the end I lost .... sad

Not that much one can do about this situation, as it will be extremely difficult to prove anything. Even if a good software or dealer should ask a player if he really wants to hit a hard 20, if he tries to do so.

Yes very bad situation to you and i like to say people in this forum say right to have situation to change to good situation to you i think there need to be evidence and you cannot just say how it happens and think money is back to your account

I am sorry to hear that, xpok3rkingx.
I have noticed that the Hit, Stand, Double Down, and Split buttons are too closely laid out, which can cause a player to misclick/mistap inadvertently.
Live chat support is available 24 hours a day. You can directly interact with a customer service representative while at the gaming table.

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