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Hey boys and Girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and trying to get back into the win column after a great night of sleep, almost 12 hours and looking to turn that energy into something positive today.

Got a top 10 Stack early on in a 5.50$ Bounty Hunter with 2 eary Ko's so really good to jump right in.

Next ITM $3.30 1500$ Gtd. Bounty Hunter Sitting 19 of 66 with top 64 paid out ao should at least cash this one.

Also near cash bubble in the Biggest Prizes sitting now 67 of 101 in The Kick-off $5.50 4K Gtd Deepstack and top 88 paid out here so could be more on the plate.

Just need to stay solid and play smart the rest of the way.

Wish me luck guys !

Dont ask me what i waa thinking but called 2 much smaller stacks all in with 64os and hit a straight on flop for Ko's. Freerolling the 5.50$ Bounty Hunter now.

Now ITM of the 4K Deepstack run with over 14$ locked up. edit out of Deppstack now in like 70th. made like 16$

Ouch kings do me in again boys. this time vs AJ and they rivered Ace. Would have been down to last 28 with top 10 stack. so close but no go.

Still have a stack going in the $5.50 Bounty Hunter top 20 still.

Kings not been kind lately and really just took the steam out of my wails.

Edited by TheIrish77 (21 August 2018 @ 17:58 GMT)

Congratulation ( too early ? ) but I will go to sleep soon Smile . I wish you play carefully and make huge win ( should be after long rest Big Smile ). We always support you. I couldn't watching you play this time, hopefully tomorrow you will play. Good luck

Wooooo Hoo just took a shot iwith pocket 7's and My oppenent had AJ and missed. Top 20 stackj now in the 5K$ Gtd with top 120 paid out fir this run. 15 of 162 now!

Ocuh again this time QQ vs KK on low board and cant get away again. gods having some fun with me latye in runs again. Was the bubble crasher at least and made like 1500$ with Bounties but was looking so promising again. on to the next one.

Edited by TheIrish77 (21 August 2018 @ 19:15 GMT)

Yes i again see you have very good start and are in good situation to make maybe final table but there is luck and it is not help you very often. But you again finish in money position or make some bounty this is good to your bankroll

You've had a lot of bad beats lately by the sound of it but that's just a part of poker. I know you will overcome this without tilting, at least not too much. and go on to keep winning all that you can! At least cashing makes sure you don't lose any money so all you need is to get that one big score to grow your bankroll.

Good luck mate!

I love the trials and tribulations of a poker player. You go all in twice with rags and win and then you go all in with a premium hand and lose!! I suppose it all levels itself out in the end

Hey it all even outs in the end i guess. Am i right ?

Not a real problem finishing in positions like that .
You are still making profit Smile
And now with the new series in poker stars, that you are planning to take part of,
you will have chances to win even more money, since these tournaments are pretty big.
Lets hope you are going to hit big in at least one fo them Smile

Absolutely gigantic congratulations must go out to our fellow forumite TheIrish77 for his marvelous achievement. The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it. Life rewards those who work hard at it.

Great Smile

It will be a regular on this community, that we enter BRM forum, and then we'll see that you played, and earned some cash Smile It shows, that you're regular player. I predict, that in near future, you may step up to the next level of cash, and then you may turn to be a pro player!

Dollar Dollar Dollar cash & fame

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