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WPT Announcer to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Walk to Vegas'

Vince Van Patten, an announcer for the World Poker Tour, who co-wrote and starred in an upcoming poker film. After the movie Molly's Game that was released last year, poker fans have a new movie coming their way very soon and its main cast is the World Poker Tour's Vince Van Patten. According to, "Walk to Vegas" is based on a true story about Hollywood big shots who will bet on anything.[...]   Read more » WPT Announcer to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Walk to Vegas'

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I find it very interesting, to see this movie that is being announced and more because it has to do with the world of poker, it is also a real life story taken to the big screen, wait for the time necessary to see it and be very good .

I dont know how many would love to see another movie with a poker theme.
It is not a movie that its target group is huge.

These country and privacy settings with the videos lately are a pain.
I cant watch this video also, due to the silly changes.
So many videos that are unplayable these days, and most of them are from usa...


I think it's good, that so famous speaker, narrate and star in the story that will soon appear on the billboards hopefully it will be a great success in all the fans and poker players

How many movies like this can someone watch?
I have to admit, that i havent seen the molly's game, and i am curious about it.
Mostly because it is a true story, and how she managed to evade authorities for that long.
Not because it is related to poker somehow.

Well I'm gonna watch this. Sure, most of these movies are basically all the same in some aspects but for some reason, they are really interesting and I can't get enough of them. I guess it's the degenerate gambler within me who just love these type of movies! Lets just hope that it's any good!

poker films steadily arouse my interest ... the game molli it was a good and interesting movie and so I'm waiting for that new movie too it will be interesting to me ... I look forward to the release of this film on screens and I will certainly look it ... more poker movies ... more

I am looking forward to watching this film and i hope that it is as good as it sounds. Some of these poker films have been very disappointing and i really hope that this bucks the trend

I hope this movie will be interesting. I saw the Molly's Game movie with Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba. A very good movie. The real story and the actors played well. You have to watch this movie if you have not seen it. About this movie, we still have to wait to see what it is about with him. I hope this is an interesting story.

Yes it is interesting movie to see, i see on YouTube vince van patten on wsop he and mike sexton, and they do good job and are very famous in poker world, and many big poker names too in movie, so if i see that this movie in my local cinema i watch

BankrollMob Forum » News » WPT Announcer to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Walk to Vegas'

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