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A friend startet with Casino no deposit offers.So we play sometimes together,he know that i play for many years and i can give him a few Tips.
Its a long time that i played RTG Casinos.And in the past you can read a lot of thinks they are not good by RTG

And i see in this time a few thinks thats not OK by RTG Casinos ,and i will tell you this thinks,so you will know what can happens when you play there.

When you look on different sites many RTG Casinos have a good rating.And you read on many sites you can play there the site is serious.
When you look on different Forums you read the other site many bad experince with RTG Casinos from users.
On every site you can read for a lot of deposit methods.On the site from the Casino Site too,maybe Skrill,netteller,PayPal and so on.

But in the end you have the most times.Only Ecopays,Bitcoin and Bank wire to deposit and made a cashout.
On one site we made from a 31$ no deposit offer 160$ to cashout .

You need a minimum from 100$ to cashout with Bank wire,and they take 60$ fee for it.!!!!!

After 10 days they cancel the withdraw and want New papers,and the account was verifed before withdraw.

We will See if we get the money or not.

The Casino was before by rival but then they go to RTG.

As the Casino was by rival i play there for a few years.Made too a NoDeposit offer to money and cashout with no Problem.
I have made too a few Deposit and made any cashout there and all was fine.

In the end i can say RTG offers a lot of great no deposit Bonus between 25-100$.
And you can play there and have a good time,but when you win its can happens that you will get not your money.
Its happens by me for many years ,and a lot of other people write it too.

I can not say thats all RTG Casinos are bad or dont pay,but you can read many bad experince over the years.And my own experince with RTG is not the Best too.
So be careful when you play there.

I prefer great betting sites for Casino playing ,with a Malta licence. On every betting site i play Casino and that was a lot Blink
I dont have any problems to get my money and many from the sites pay very fast.On one site only 1-3 hours with Skrill.
But on a few sites there have only a Casino,i have sometimes big trouble to get my money in the past.

Here a few Sites from the last 4 weeks,where i play Casino and made bets and get my money without a problem.

Betway (very fast withdraws with Skrill)

888 Sport
888 Poker ( withdraws by 888 sites takes a little bit longer as on the most other sites 3-5'days)


Never been a great fan of the RTG software. Number of games available was limited, and the look and feel was never as good as those of the big players. Most problems and the bad reputation was due to one certain group of casinos.

Angry Angry Angry how unpleasant it is .... a casino gladly accepts deposits and when it comes time to pay a win, different problems start .... it's very bad .... at the same time the casino continues to exist and work ... where do the control bodies look ?. ... you need to close these casinos immediately

Thank you for your feedback, watoba. I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleastant experience at Realtime Gaming (RTG) casinos.
I am not sure if I have ever played games on RTG casinos, but I am pretty sure that I have not played on RTG casinos lately.

Knowing which Casino sites to play at can be a tricky subject, especially with the proliferation of sites that are now available online. To help, I can suggest that you take a look at

**link removed by admin due to our rules**

where you can review the sites that are available and help yourself to make a choice as to whether you want to play there and risk your hard worked for cash. Take a look at their Facebook and twitter sites too.

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There are many casinos in the RTG network.
I believe it is the network with the most rogue casinos.
You have to do a research before playing in one. Otherwise it would be a waste of time and money.

I have managed to cash out in two of them, that i have taken a no deposit bonus,
and the cash outs were really fast.
So it is not a rule with the scamming sites. They are just ruining the name for the whole network...

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