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Doyle Brunson buys Cadillac thanks to winnings at Bobby's Room

Doyle Brunson may be declared retired in his poker pro career according to his Wiki page, but he still is active in playing the game, and everyone who knows him is that one of his favorite venues to play at is inside the famous Bellagio's Bobby's poker room. The 85-year-old 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, thanks to his recent poker session victories in said Bobby's Room, has now treated himself to [...]   Read more » Doyle Brunson buys Cadillac thanks to winnings at Bobby's Room

Doyle Brunson buys Cadillac thanks to winnings at Bobby's Room  0   
I think this is great and well done to Doyle Brunson. I think that all the players who he won money off to buy this, will probably have a good laugh about it . Congratulations again to Doyle and long my he continue playing

What kind of message was that ? Pretty annoying and immature if you ask me.
Get the money you have won, do it whatever you like, but do not post something like this.
It is silly in the first place.
Maybe the one that responded to him is right and it is just his age...

Branson again in the news ... of course winning and buying a good car is interesting, but he made a big event out of this ... hmmm ... probably it's not very correct ... but of course this is just my opinion and Brunson can do that he likes .... but it seems to me that this is a cheap trick

He will enjoy the walks with this car which was earned in this casino at Bobby's Room. You realize that this car will be rolled more than his childs Todd Brunson, Pamela Brunson, Doyla Brunson or other family member, if he does not have a personal driver. Good job Doyle Brunson.

I think it is good joke to say from doyle brunson, of course people who rlto him in bobbys room not happy to lose but they are poker players and know that you can lose ajd you can win this is the game and why not to say some joke and laugh about situation

Uhmmm,I think he can afford a bit more than that.
And for that he can thank himself.

This is,and should only be,an inspiration to all poker players out there.

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Nice one! I think if I won such a game I too would buy myself a Cadillac. Why a Cadillac? Why not! It’s a car of distinct pedigree and style and one that would distinguish oneself from most othe drivers on the road. Well done Mr Brunson, though retired, still doing the business and coming up good. I hope I can do tha when I’m his age!

Well, if he needed the money from the so called game to buy that car,
or another one like that, it just means, he hasnt made any money at all in his career,
all these years...
Which isnt true.
So why the post, in the first place? Just to show of, by also making fun of other players?

Big Smile I once bought a jacket for $ 100 with poker winnings ... and then I told many people that I won this poker jacket ... exactly the same story .... I completely forgot about it but then when I saw this news in the second time I remembered my situation ... it seems .... ha ha Big Smile

Cadillac – the quintessential American dream...
I am a fan of classic cars. The new car models are not aesthetically appealing to me. I would purchase a well-maintained vintage car if I were in Doyle's position. Vintage cars can require frequent and substantial servicing, but that is the pure joy of owning classic beauties.

Well I would love to win enough money to buy any car at all, a Cadillac isn't exactly a cheap car as well. But then again, this is a seasoned poker pro who certainly know what he's doing at the tables!

No doubt about that, about knowing what he is doing in the tables.
But it seems when it comes to keeping some things for himself, he doesnt know how its done.
There was no reason for that post, as i have mentioned already

There is nothing abnormal to win a car in a Las Vegas casino. I'm sure many of you saw the Vegas Vacation ( 1997 ) movie with Chevy Chase. In this movie all family members earn a car at the casino in total 4 cars. From my point of view, Casinos offer cars because they buy them cheaper directly from the factory, not from intermediaries and is very good for all.

I think it is jokes, just to have some fun, maybe he in real lose money in bobbys room but he can say that he wins money and buy Cadillac for money of other people, why not, joke is always good, he is old guy, older than me and to have some fun is always good

It's good what I can get out of his earnings, there to think it was a bit of black humor, Doyle Brunson, but there are many who managed to win for a Cadillac hahahahaha hopefully your hobby will continue to bear fruit.

If he continues playing cash games and loses the same amount that he won and bought
the car, i want to see if hes is gonna make a statement of that kind Smile
You never know what is going to happen while playing poker.
What goes up, goes down also.

Somehow, this user who gave a negative answer tell the truth. It is ugly to thank for the players who you beat in poker and won their money. However, Doyle Brunson, even if he is 83 or 85 years old, he could use other words. We forgive him, but that user did not.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Doyle Brunson buys Cadillac thanks to winnings at Bobby's Room

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