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My Party Poker Power Fest Results  0   
I just played my first couple of MTTs in over a year and I really feel that I'm no longer used to the format. I've decided to only play using the free tickets that I can win from the scratch card promo.

Tonight I played a $1.10 and a $5.50 Bounty. The $1.10 I lost on the bubble with AA against crazy stupid opponent (based on previous info) who called with K5 and managed to get trip K.

The $5.50 was lost due to a suck out. A8 with a A86 flop, I was short stacked so I shoved and got insta called by AQ who hit Q on turn and out I went with nothing more then 1 bounty collected.

Todays results are that I earned $1.37 from a bouny. And since it was kinda like a freeroll for me, I made a $1.37 profit so that's decent I guess.

Erru. It can be hard to get back into the MTT format and indeed poker at any level after a while not playing that for,at, or at all. Be patient and it will all come back to you. Reflect on your decision making rather than the outcome of what you did to determine whether you played correctly and were unlucky or whether you played badly. Keep your chin up.

Yeah I really feel that I could use a few more games to get back into it but I don't really have the time for MTT anyway. I'm just making time for it during the Power Fest since I get a few free entries.

I'm planning on playing two games tonight, a $1.10 and a $5.50. The good news is that it's the format I was most successful at when I played MTT regularly. It's 6-max with 5 minute blinds. I think that I have a decent chance to get a good result there even tho I'm a bit rusty.

Wish you good luck Smile suppose last game is warming up, and tonight your advance tourney Smile But remember luck is very needed so be careful against opp with big stack ( indicate he/she have luck ).
Remember your winning way in past Smile

If you are getting tickets for tournaments it is always a good thing.
Even the 1.10 ticket is a good one. If you get lucky you can win something out of it.
But you were very unlucky, losing in bubble with AA. Smile
Better luck next time.

For f*cks sake!!! I now remember why I quit playing MTTs, and it wasn't just he time it takes!! Complete bullsh!t all the way from beginning to end. Every single time we showed our cards before the river, I got sucked out, every time I had a really good hand, someone else was dealt a just slightly better hand.

The only reason I managed to survive as long as I did is that I played my opponents and pretty much just ignored my cards. In the $5.50 game I was out a little bit before the bubble with AK vs AQ, Q on river.

The $1.10 game was a lot of ups and downs. I outplayed almost all of them at any chance I got, except when it was an all-in situation and cards were shown before the river. AK vs AQ with KT3 flop, Q on turn, Q on river. QQ vs JT all-in preflop, AT3 flop, T turn and something that didn't help me on the river. AQ vs JJ with AQ8 flop, J on river.

That's just how it kept going any time cards was shown. But when they wasn't, I always regained my chips. But the hand that knocked me out was QQ vs QJ all-in preflop. AQ7 flop, T turn, K river. I went out in 120+ and got paid $3.90 for it. I so feel that I deserved way better then that based on how I was playing!

Oh well, at least it's free money for me I guess so I shouldn't complain...

Todays profit: $3.90
Total profit: $5.27

I surprised you said why you remember quit play MTTs ! I just knew you several time top rank at BRM leaderboards. Not just at one poker site, but at three poker site.

I just remind you : luck is important factor!! If not your time ,yeah you got experience like you mention above. Don't frustrating about that, this game looks like trial and error. At least you made profit, that's good, not every player got it, right?

Good luck next time Smile

usually I have a prize - there is no prize ..... but two days I had a successful ... of course, very successful relatively ... I got tickets for freerolls but in the freerolls I could not win ..... ok prom continues and I hope that I can change the situation and win something

Yeah well, there was a time when I played nothing but MTTs so I got pretty good at it. However life got in the way and the frustration I felt when I lost with only a min cash finally got to me. I then decided to play SnG instead, faster and easier to get some good volume in.

I won a $1.10 ticket today so I will be playing at least one game this coming weekend. I haven't looked at the schedual yet so I don't know what type of game I'll be playing, hopefully there are a few 6max games, I like those the most.

Today I won a $16.50 ticket so I'll be using that this friday! I will try my luck at a 6-Max Bounty tourney. The 6-Max format is where I have the best chances and I figure that a Bounty could offer me some really good potential extra chances to get paid even if I bust before the bubble.

Edited by erru9107 (11 September 2018 @ 12:40 GMT)

Yes very good prize you win promotion 16.50 tickets is bigger buyin tournament so mayne dome good chance to win big money. Good luck in tournament. I win only.1.10 tickets two times but it is also good win because you get something

erru9107, congratulations on winning a $16.50 Powerfest tournament ticket! That's incredible. You are one of those lucky guys. Bounty tournament sounds fun. Hopefully you will make a deep run and win a good amount of money. Good luck at the tournament.

With a 16.50 USD ticket you can participate in a tournament with a very good pay out.
If you hit the money it will be great. A good boost for your bankroll.
Congratulations on winning the ticket first of all, and good luck on your play Smile

Thank you everyone! I'm hoping to earn some good money here! Everything on my bankroll that's above $150 by the middle of december will be cashed out! Today I won a $1.10 ticket so I'll be playing at least one game on saturday.

For those of you who might be interested in railing me, here's a list of the games I'm planning on playing:

Friday 14th September 20:00 CEST
Powerfest #083-L: $30K Gtd [6-Max PKO]

Saturday 15th September 00:00 CEST
Powerfest #086-Mi: $1K Gtd [6-Max PKO Turbo]

Saturday 15th September 22:00 CEST
Powerfest #091-Mi: $1K Gtd [Fast 6-Max]

If I win another ticket I may or may not add another game to this list, it depends on what ticket it is.

I won another $1.10 ticket, so that makes 3 in total. I need to find another game that fits my preferenses or I'll just save the ticket. I might just wait and see if I win anything this friday. Hopefully it's another $5.50 ticket since that would fit better to my personal schedual. But we'll see what happens.

Edited by erru9107 (12 September 2018 @ 22:16 GMT)

I'm right now playing the $16.50 MTT that I listed above. I'm doing okey so far but it could be better I guess. I'm feeling quite confident tho so I'm hoping to at least cash in this one! Winning it would really save the rest of my year which is quite tuff economically by the looks of it so far.

I went out on a flip against two players who both had history of shoving with crap hands. This time I was QQ and preflop forced all-in by those guys. Based on their history it was an easy call, they BOTH showed AK. I mean sure, the one time I had called they both have premium hands... In any case, my hand held up until the river that landed an A, and out I went with nothing to show for it. Really sucks!

But I'm now playing another Bounty game, only a $1.10 tho but it's free so I guess it's better then nothing. Hoping to run deep in this one. I'll play another one that starts in 1,5 hours as well. Also a bounty but a 6-max format.

Well, this was an interesting game I suppose... I was able to put the same guy all-in 5 times and all of those 5 times I had the better hand until the river when he magically got the one and only card he needed to win, all 5 times!!! And in between that he had the very same thing happen to him against other people as well. I'm not kidding when I say that I think he was all-in and way behind at least 12-13 times in total, and always got that magic river to save him. This is the exact thing that make some people think that the games are rigged!

The last hand I went all-in preflop with QQ, he called for like 95% of his stack with 27! Flop was some non relevant cards, turn a 7, river a 2, and out I went...
That guy should seriously buy himself a lottery ticket today!! The luck he had was simply unreal!

In any case, I at least knocked out two people for a total of $0.54 so at least some profit made from that game... Hoping I won't face as much stupid play the next game. But I'm guessing that's too much to ask since it's a $1.10 game, lots of crazy donks. We'll see, hopefully I can make a FT.

And out I went after another close to deep run. I just can't catch a break! JJ out against J7. I mean, how many bad beats can you get before you get at least one decent run!? Nothing seems to be going my way at all and my results at these MTTs are just embarrassing! I really should be able to do much better then this, I don't get why I seem to be hitting these concrete walls all the time! I guess I'm just not meant to get a good score like ever...

Todays profit: $3.35
Total profit: $8.62

I really need something to go my way pretty soon or I'll just go ahead and cashout whatever money I have and leave poker for good. I'm sick of playing for pennies and any time I get the chance to win any significant amount, some stupid s**t happens and I end up winning a few pennies and I'll have wasted a few hours of my life on literally nothing!

Edited by erru9107 (15 September 2018 @ 00:20 GMT)

   0 just like that when luck wasn't stay with us Sad . I always wondering what is the reasons some player play crap card ? I just guest : feeling or instinct . Hopefully your good poker day will come soon, erru Smile Good luck .

Thanks, I really need to catch a break soon. I can't help to get extremely frustrated when I know that I'm playing solid poker buy still the results just doesn't show it! And especially now when I really need the extra money if I can get some! I've got way too many things that I need to play for and I just don't have the funds to do so without geting som good winnings!

Okey so, I now have 1 ticket left that I'm gonna use for a 6-max MTT in about 1,5 hours. I'm really hoping to get a good result so I can end the weekend on a good note. I hate being this negative towards poker... After the power fest is over I probably won't play another MTT until the next free ticket I get. But hey, there's still one more weekend that I hope to get some tickets for!

Edited by erru9107 (15 September 2018 @ 18:38 GMT)

Yes it is something to be frustrating when you play good poker not make any stupid mistake and still notnget results you have to get, this is because poker is a lot of luck game and if in day you play you have no luck then good game is not enough

today I played in the tournament of this series .... and again unsuccessfully ... again there was made one mistake that pulled a string of mistakes and as a result a quick flight out of the tournament ..... probably I do not have enough concentration .... maybe This is true

No luck today, I'll just have to wait until next weekend and hope I get a few more tickets to use. We'll see how it goes I guess.

When you are playing tournaments, you can throw in some omaha ring sessions.
Preferably omaha hi/lo, just waiting for the good cards to call and nothing more.
A good pot with both high and low can make your day Smile adding to your total winnings.
Just the micro one of two cents buy in Smile

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