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It's friday evening and we decided to show you all what happens with Mob members that does not follow the rules:

Okay, just kidding about the follow-the-rules thing Smile The thing that actually went down was because the poor guy in the video was told by the doctor that back in the good ol' days, they used the bible to smack such cartilage back into place. Though she wouldn't recommend doing it nowadays... but as you know, BankrollMob fears nobody (or nothing...! Blink ), so of course we had to try it out.

And guess what - as you can see in the video, it did work. The bump is pretty much gone - the question is, for how long...?

Do you have any similar "crazy" videos - feel free to upload/post them Big Smile

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typical Viking way of doing something Big Smile

i bet that hurts hehe, but it really worked

Ouch, you guys developed a new way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Because after that the "patient" will probably be disabled for good.


Hahaha BRM behind the scenes I love it.....the accent too Big Smile

I got a drunk friend playing tough with a tazer somewhere on youtube but I can't find it, I'll ask a friend tomorrow and post if I find it. Not that it's wildly funny but still, a drunk friend showing off to his stupid Aww crap! and funny when you know the dude Big Smile

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Now thats what you call a BAD BEAT

Posted by johnnyjumper3:
Now thats what you call a BAD BEAT

yea lol.
I hope it worked lol

lol, funny stuff. BankrollMob behind the scenes, good idea Thumbs Up

The bump is called a ganglion cyst, I seen a video of someone doing it before.

Posted by GeneYuss:
The bump is called a ganglion cyst,

Yeah probably, wasn't sure of the english word so just looked in the dictionary Smile

Just for the record - the video is not something we just found online, we made it ourselves Big Smile

Even though it's friday again today we're not going to do any crazy stuff, except celebrating our 100,000th bonus giveaway Smile

congrats BRM Worship Smile

but if you have more funny videos like this, then dont hesitate to upload

nice to see you guys have also fun.....beside buisness Big Smile

What crazy stuffs going on this weekend?
Has it come back, had one on my neck years back had to get it cut out(cyst)
And you didnt leave a link to bankrollmob?

Bigfoot, no it has not come back yet - so it seemed to work pretty good Smile

No crazy stuff this weekend Big Smile It's friday the 13th Shock

Thats good, i guess you have to pay medicall bills out there.
yes tonight you split with the GF(cus its the 13th) and tomoz you get to make up good lol.
In vegas i belive the dont have any room 13 or level 13, dont know if it true, guess ill find out when playing there in the WSOP Big Smile
I dont do that superstition stuff im too lucky Big Smile

i guess that it was really painfull for the poor guy ... but it was a kind of funny to look at ... and by the way ... it has not always to be to serious at BRM ... such funny things has to have a topic 2

Lol bankrollmob gone jackass. What will the next be. The BRM crew jumping through a ring of fire butt naked ?

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