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Why? In the last three days, I wrote my five daily threads with the size that is good, and with all the hard trouble that is to me to write in english. Translate consult, running Grammar program to be sure that I don´t make big mistakes (so bowie1984 don´t be worry), and then I saw in the MOb Points and there is only four threads. It´s a kind of punishment? I´m doing something wrong?

Just don't think about it. The system "detects" when your intentions for posting are to earn Mob Points.

Mob Points for posting is a bonus, a thank you. Not the reason you should be posting.

Posted by Administrator:
The system "detects" when your intentions for posting are to earn Mob Points.

The system has been implemented with mindreading powers.

PS: and no, do not even think about it...tin foil hats won't work Cool Tongue

Ha, ha, make my day happier magatt966, tin foil hats... what a humoristic image, I remembered to Futurama (a cartoon of the creators of The Simpson)! And, by the way, Mr. Administrator (The Great) may I ask you why the system doesn`t give me "thank" for good size of the thread, that was thought and hardest wrote to make any sense in a chat with my partners? I understand if you banned a copy&paste thread, but this not only is a particular mindreading power, if not a rule inside the rules, and is very difficult to evaluate. Did I write one thread with BAD intention and four threads without BAD intention?
Please don´t think that I´m a claimer and don´t make me a cement´s shoes!

Posted by maragatero:
Please don't think that I'm a claimer and don't make me a cement's shoes!

Don't worry, you have a good amount of posts in here and you seem like a good guy Smile

maragatero you worry about lot of things,instead to enjoy at forum!you must know that after some period admin close thread from getting points,but you can still write in that thread!so you can know by that!but if you continue to copy posts,you will get cement from tony Big Smile

Maragatero, my friend, not all comments get points.
Some received 10 points and others 5 or zero points.
BRM is very good friend, and for that you have to thank with what this wonderful site offers.
You can not copy paste from here or from another site.
You have to respect the rules and to thank you for what you get.
BRM is very permissible with us, if we accept the rules.
More than that you can not ask and be glad that you do not have big competition here.
If there was so much competition, we will migrate to the warm countries... Smile
I'm joking at the last part but be happy with what you get here.
Good luck. Big Smile

Thanks for your advice my friend CALICUL, I know you do it for helping me! But I try to be a good student of the rules (when I found it) and I tried to do the best post that I could, seeing if the category is the correct that I think that is good for each coment...and may do the points that I need Big Smile Big Smile

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